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MHK Technologies/AirWEC +A small scale model was tank tested  +
MHK Technologies/Anaconda bulge tube drives turbine +The device underwent a series of tests designed to assess the fatigue life of Anaconda when deployed These tests have now been completed and finalised Time will be spent collating all the data gathered and this will then be passed to Messrs Black and Veatch the international consulting engineers that Checkmate Seaenergy and Carbon Trust have chosen to conduct a fully independent review of the technology this in preparation for an approach to prospective investors  +
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AR 1000 +Extensive blade testing including CFD and FEA prior to installation All powertrain components have been Factory Acceptance Tested FAT prior to assembly The complete turbine underwent complete System Integration Test Y SesIT before deployment subsea  +
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AS 400 +Extensive blade testing including CFD and FEA prior to installation  +
MHK Technologies/Current Power +The generator has been fabricated and tested in a laboratory environment  +
MHK Technologies/Deep Green +Tests has been carried out in model basins  +
MHK Technologies/Electric Buoy +AMI s first development generator was tested in a platform operating configuration in our wave tank and in the intracoastal waterway  +
MHK Technologies/European Pico Pilot Plant +The plant was tested at two different tank testing scales LNEC Portugal 1 30 and HMRC Ireland 1 25 of which the first included a modelling of the entire bottom and onshore topology  +
MHK Technologies/Evopod E1 +Sensory equipment was callibrated by the manufacturer Mooring lines and power export cable were load tested The inboard system assembled by Oceanflow Energy was tested in house before installation  +
MHK Technologies/Float Wave Electric Power Station +The research and development carried out to date has shown that FWEPS using an oscillatory drive enables to be considered a perspective device for wave energy conversion to electricity Due to its features and arrangement advantages FWEPS can be organically compatible and tuneable with sea wave space thus securing the best condition for effective wave energy taking off The experimental laboratory study of scaled FWEPS models has shown that the mechanical actuator being one of its main parts can be basically serviceable as a drive for an electric generator in the given type of energy converter  +
MHK Technologies/GyroWaveGen +Model based on original 1979 invention built and tested New models now being designed and future tests of these designs are pending  +
MHK Technologies/HyPEG +Everything but the power head has been hydrokinetically tested  +
MHK Technologies/HydroGen 10 +One exemple the choice of an synchronous or asynchronous generator  +
MHK Technologies/Hydroflo +We reviewed studies and Laboratory research on corrosion University of SouthHampton comparison of electrical generator topologies IEEE Kinetic Energy Device Tests Florida Atlantic University  +
MHK Technologies/Kinetic Hydropower System KHPS +INITIAL ROTOR TESTING 1983 84 To test the critical energy capture element the rotor several 9 rotor designs were fabricated on the model scale first at 0 69m dia then at 0 85m dia for dynamometry testing including two and three blade rotors with tipspeed ratios from 3 to 6 These were tested at the David Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center DTNSRDC in the Circulating Water Channel CWC For each design rotor torque rotation speed and derived power and efficiency data was plotted and curve fit for each water speed Optimal operating curves were generated for each rotor and their performances were compared After a first test set a second larger set of blades was constructed that included a conformal shape modification to suit the relatively large blade chords to the small hub diameters of the rotor ADVANCED ROTOR TESTING 2012 Under CRADAs with NREL and Sandia National Labs and an Advanced Water Power Program award Verdant Power and project pa  +
MHK Technologies/Multi Resonant Chambers MRC 1000 +Exaustive tank testing 30 models 3050 runs 1050 tank test hours Model scales 1 60th 1 40th 1 20th Full power take off system at 1 4 scale including turbine generator power conversion system generating power and delivering into the UK national grid Grid code quality confirmed by EDF local power utility  +
MHK Technologies/OCEANTEC Wave Energy Converter +Workbench PTO tested  +
MHK Technologies/OTEC +Corrosion samples of the HX material are being tested in the laboratory.  +
MHK Technologies/Ocean Wave Energy Converter OWEC +Various buoy designs tank tested 1978 82 2008 LEG linear electrical generator experiments 1980 82 Tests of smallest full scale linear rotary flywheel generators 1984 91 generator tests and pending generator tests to 2009  +
MHK Technologies/Ocean Wave Power Spar Buoy Engine +Field testing off of Santa Barbara proved the concept for a 6 15m prototype and dynamic modelling has shown very favorable scaling to larger size  +
MHK Technologies/Oyster +Extensive scale model testing of Oyster at 1 25 and 1 40 scale ongoing since 2005  +
MHK Technologies/Protean +Desktop models and workshop scaled models have been constructed and tested The scaled model included a 1 2 5 prototype being tested within the workshop  +
MHK Technologies/Pulse Stream 1200 +This was completed in 2007  +
MHK Technologies/SEACAP +most components have been economically and successfully used in the O G offshore industry over the past years  +