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Property Name Incentive/RateImpactParameters
Property Type String
Description Rate Impact Parameters

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Empower Maryland Efficiency Act (Maryland) +No specific limits  +
Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (New York) +None specifically identified, but PSC establishes collections and approves utility programs  +
Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (Delaware) +Average charge may not be more than $0.58/month per residential electric customer and $0.41/month per residential natural gas customer  +
Energy Efficiency Standard (Illinois) +Measures must satisfy the Total Resource Cost (TRC) Test  +
Energy Efficiency Standard (Iowa) +All energy efficiency programs must be cost-effective for both customers and utilities  +
Energy Efficiency Standard for Focus on Energy +Yes  +
Energy Efficiency Targets (Maine) +Yes  +
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Requirements for Utilities (Pennsylvania) +Costs may not exceed 2% of annual utility revenue as of December 31, 2006  +