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30% Business Tax Credit for Solar (Vermont) +For property placed in service on or before 09/01/2011. Cannot be taken if other CEDF grant is taken.  +
APS - Renewable Energy Incentive Program (Arizona) +Smaller incentive ($0.41/kWh displaced in first year) is available for larger commercial solar water heating systems and is based on OG-100 rating.  +
Alliant Energy (Wisconsin Power & Light) - Renewable Incentives Grant Program (Wisconsin) +Incentive for all systems is an up-front payment equivalent to 7 times the cost of the energy displaced by the system using statewide utility costs. Incentive is limited to 50% costs after other incentives. This value is entered below, but Alliant also suggests figures of 15% of total costs for gov't and 20% of total costs for non-profits as a typical maximum incentives within the context of the "cost after other incentives" limitation.  +
Alliant Energy (Wisconsin Power and Light) - Advanced Renewables Tariff (Wisconsin) +There is a per-day charge to enroll in program; program participants must also participate in green power purchasing program. For wind, there are different rates for on-peak and off-peak. The on-peak rate is used here. The off-peak rate is $0.0735/kWh. The maximum enrolled capacity for the solar incentive is 683 kW; the maximum for wind is 0.5% of the previous year's retail electric sales.  +
Alliant Energy Interstate Power and Light - Residential Renewable Energy Rebates +Incentive rates for wind and PV vary depending on the energy efficient level of the home. Energy Efficient Solar PV: $1.25/kWh x estimated first year output Standard Solar PV: $0.75/kWh x estimated first year output Energy Efficient Wind: $0.75/kWh x estimated first year output Standard Wind: $0.25/kWh x estimated first year output Incentive rates for solar water heaters vary depending on replaced fuel. Solar Thermal Water Heater (electric): $0.35 x annual kWh savings Solar Thermal Water Heater (natural gas): $2.50 x annual therm savings  +
Alternative Energy Development Incentive (Corporate) (Utah) +Tax incentive is not based on project cost, but 75% of new state tax revenues generated (including, state, corporate, sales and withholding taxes) over the life of the project or 20 years, whichever is less. Tables here are irrelevant to this incentive.  +
Ameren Missouri - Solar Renewable Energy Credits +Systems of less than 10 kW receive an up-front payment for the estimated number of SRECs that will be produced over the first 10 years of the life of the system. Systems of 10 kW-100 kW will receive annual payments for the number of RECs produced in the previous year, for 10 years.  +
Ashland Electric Utility - Bright Way to Heat Water Rebate (Oregon) +Incentive based on expected performance.  +
Austin Energy - Solar Water Heating Rebate (Texas) +$2000 flat rebate for existing bldgs entered here; there is also a $1500 flat rebate for new construction.  +
Banning Electric Department - Solar Support Program (California) +Municipal projects are evaluated individually for incentive levels. There is no minimum or maximum size system requirement; however the system size cannot exceed the customer's maximum demand.  +
Beaches Energy Services - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (Florida) +$500 flat rebate.  +
Beaches Energy Services - Solar Water Heating Rebate Program (Florida) +$500 flat rebate.  +
Blue Ridge EMC - Residential Solar Water Heating Rebate Program (North Carolina) +$500 flat rebate.  +
Bryan Texas Utilities - Solar Hot Water Rebate Program (Texas) +$1500 flat rebate for existing bldgs entered here; there is also a $1000 flat rebate for new construction.  +
Bryan Texas Utilities - Solar PV Rebate Program (Texas) +Rebates may be adjusted based on expected performance.  +
Business Energy Tax Credit (Oregon) +In June 2011, the Oregon State Legislature passed HB3672, making significant changes to the Business Energy Tax Credit program. This program will be redesigned, though details on the new program are not available yet. This record is for informational purposes only.  +
CCEF - Affordable Housing Initiative Solar PV Rebate Program (Connecticut) +This incentive is currently on hold; not expected to receive funding again until July 1, 2010. Note: originally program funding was set to take the program thru June 30, 2010. Incentive is for developers who install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at affordable housing projects - single- or multi-family. The $/W and Max. $ amount listed for "Com." is the amount for multi-family and rental units.  +
CEFIA - Residential Solar PV Rebate Program (Connecticut) +Incentives are adjusted based on expected performance. Incentive is structured in two increments.  +
CPS Energy - Solar Hot Water Rebate Program (Texas) +Incentive based on expected performance using SRCC.  +
CPS Energy - Solartricity Producer Program (Texas) +Rate of $0.27/kWh is likely to change in Yr. 2 of the program. Minimum size of 25 kW coupled with 90% rooftop requirement leads to a reasonable presumption that residential customers will not be able to participate, but data included here anyway because they are officially eligible. Monthly payments limited by engineering estimate of maximum system production using PVWatts, SAM, or other acceptable modeling software. There is also a 500 kW AC entity cap. Program cap is 10 MW AC (5 MW of new systems each year for two years).  +
California Solar Initiative - Low-Income Solar Water Heating Rebate Program (California) +Participants must be low-income to qualify. Program offers different incentives for single-family versus multi-family. Shown below is the incentive for single-family low income. Multifamily will receive $19.23 per therm up to $500,000. Incentives will step down 4 times as installation targets are met.  +
California Solar Initiative - Pilot Solar Water Heating Program (California) +Available to only retrofit systems for existing electricity customers of SDG&E. Incentives for all sizes are adjusted based on SRCC rating and orientation factor. Lg. systems: $15/sq ft for open-loop systems, $20/sq ft for closed-loop systems. The $1500 rebates applies to small com. as well as residential. Minimum system rating of 1,200 kWh if offsetting electric water heater or 60 therms if the offsetting natural gas or propane.  +
California Solar Initiative - Solar Thermal Program (California) +This program has different incentives and caps depending on whether the system is displacing gas or electric. Incentives for electricity displacing systems are shown here. Incentive levels will step down over time independently for each service territory and customer class. Multifamily is grouped with commercial for this program. Non-residential solar pool heating was made eligible by legislation, but has not yet been rolled into the program. When it is, incentive levels will be the same as solar water heating.  +
Central Electric Cooperative - Solar Rebates (Oregon) +$500 flat rebate entered here for solar water heating; lower amount of $375 if orientation/tilt is outside of specified range.  +
City and County of Denver - Denver Energy Challenge for Residents (Colorado) +Rebates for solar water heating and solar space heating --- 40% up to $400.  +