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Property Name Incentive/AggrCapLimit
Property Type Text
Description Aggregate Capacity Limit.

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APS - Net Metering (Arizona) +15 MW  +
American Samoa - Net Metering (American Samoa) +5% of utility's peak demand  +
Ames Electric Department - Net Metering (Iowa) +Carried month to month at retail rate, granted to utility after 12 months  +
Ashland Electric - Net Metering (Oregon) +No limit specified  +
Aspen Electric - Net Metering (Colorado) +Credited to customer's next bill  +
Austin Energy - Net Metering (Texas) +No limit specified (program will be re-evaluated after 1% of load is met)  +
Avista Utilities - Net Metering (Idaho) +0.1% of utility's peak demand in 1996 (in Idaho)  +
Bowling Green Municipal Utilities - Net Metering (Ohio) +Negotiated with BGMU  +
CHELCO - Net Metering (Florida) +Carried forward indefinitely as a kWh credit. Unused credit granted to utility if/when the customer discontinues net metering.  +
City of Brenham - Net Metering (Texas) +Not addressed  +
City of Danville - Net Metering (Virginia) +Less than 1% of the utility's most recent peak load for all interconnected renewable energy generators  +
City of St. George - Net Metering (Utah) +No limit specified  +
City of Tallahassee Utilities - Net Metering (Florida) +Credited at utility's retail rate to customer's next bill; granted to utility at end of 12-month billing cycle  +
Colorado Springs Utilities - Net Metering (Colorado) +Monthly carryover  +
ComEd - Wind & Photovoltaic Generation Program (Illinois) +Purchased monthly at utility's avoided-cost rate, plus an annual incentive payment  +
Delta-Montrose Electric Association - Net Metering (Colorado) +Credited to the member after every billing cycle  +
Duke Energy - Net Metering (South Carolina) +0.2% of utility's SC jurisdictional retail peak demand for previous calendar year  +
EWEB - PV Partners (Oregon) +Excess generation rate is .06181 per kWh; Accounts are manually monitored and trued up on an annual basis.  +
Empire Electric Association - Net Metering (Colorado) +Utility pays customer at a rate equal to the average cost of power from the utility's wholesale supplier for that year, excluding wholesale power sold to loads billed under the utility’s SCS tariffs  +
Farmington Electric Utility System - Net Metering (New Mexico) +No limit specified  +
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative - Net Metering (Florida) +Credited at retail rate and carried over to customer's next bill; purchased by utility at retail rate at end of 12-month period  +
Fort Collins Utilities - Net Metering (Colorado) +Credited to customer's next bill; granted to utility at end of 12-month billing cycle  +
Grays Harbor PUD - Net Metering (Washington) +0.25% of utility's 1996 peak demand (increases to 0.5% on 1/1/2014)  +
Green Mountain Energy Renewable Rewards Program (Texas) +No limit specified  +
Guam - Net Metering (Guam) +Not addressed  +