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Accelerate Oklahoma (Oklahoma) +Oklahoma  +
Alternate Energy Development Fund (Kentucky) +Kentucky  +
Alternative Energy Zone (Ohio) +Ohio  +
Alternative Renewable Fuels 'Plus' Research and Development Fund (Ontario, Canada) +Ontario  +
Angel Investment Credit (New Mexico) +New Mexico  +
Antidegration Implementation Methods +Mississippi  +
Application Filing Requirements for Wind-Powered Electric Generation Facilities (Ohio) +Ohio  +
Applications for Certificates for Electric Generation Facilities (Ohio) +Ohio  +
Applications for Certificates for Electric, Gas, or Natural Gas Transmission Facilities (Ohio) +Ohio  +
Atlantic Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Compact (Multiple States) +Connecticut  +, New Jersey  +, South Carolina  +
Brownfield Grants (Wisconsin) +Wisconsin  +
Business Opportunity Loan Fund (Wisconsin) +Wisconsin  +
Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act (Canada) +Alberta  +, British Columbia  +, Canada  +,
Canada Small Business Financing Program (Canada) +Alberta  +, British Columbia  +, Canada  +,
Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999 (Canada) +British Columbia  +, Canada  +, Manitoba  +,
Canadian River Compact (Multiple States) +New Mexico  +, Oklahoma  +
Capital Assets Deferral and Asset Exclusion Qualified Wisconsin Business (Wisconsin) +Wisconsin  +
Carbon Capture Pilots (Kentucky) +Kentucky  +
Certified Sites (Ready! Set! Build!) (Wisconsin) +Wisconsin  +
Clean Electric Power Generation (Canada) +Alberta  +, British Columbia  +, Canada  +,
Coal Mining Reclamation (North Dakota) +North Dakota  +
Coal Mining Regulations (Kentucky) +Kentucky  +
Coal Mining Regulatory and Reclamation Act (Massachusetts) +Massachusetts  +
Coal Severance Tax (Montana) +Montana  +
Coal Severance Tax (North Dakota) +North Dakota  +