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Property Name InSPIRE-jurisdiction
Property Type Text
Description Jurisdictions for the InSPIRE/Data Portal.
Allows Values Global;National;Country;State

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A Criterion of Crop Selection Based on the Novel Concept of an Agrivoltaic Unit and M-matrix for Agrivoltaic Systems +Country  +
Advances on the semi-transparent modules based on micro solar cells: First integration in a greenhouse system +Country  +
Agri-voltaics or Solar farming: the Concept of Integrating Solar PV Based Electricity Generation and Crop Production in a Single Land use System +Country  +
Agrivoltaic Farm Design: Vertical Bifacial vs. Tilted Monofacial Photovoltaic Panels +Country  +
Agrivoltaic potential on grape farms in India +Country  +
Agrivoltaic systems to optimise land use for electric energy production +Country  +
Agrivoltaics provide mutual benefits across the food–energy–water nexus in drylands +State  +
Agrophotovoltaic systems: applications, challenges, and opportunities. A review +Global  +
An algorithm for the calculation of the light distribution in photovoltaic greenhouses +Country  +
Assessment of new functional units for agrivoltaic systems +Country  +
Colocation opportunities for large solar infrastructures and agriculture in drylands +Country  +
Combining solar photovoltaic panels and food crops for optimising land use: Towards new agrivoltaic schemes +Country  +
Design Considerations for Agrophotovoltaic Systems: Maintaining PV Area with Increased Crop Yield +State  +
Dual use of agricultural land: Introducing ‘agrivoltaics’ in Phoenix Metropolitan Statistical Area, USA +State  +
Dynamic photovoltaic greenhouse: Energy balance in completely clear sky condition during the hot period +Country  +
Economic Potential for Rainfed Agrivoltaics in Groundwater-Stressed Regions +Global  +
Effects of Revegetation on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties in Solar Photovoltaic Infrastructure +State  +
Effects of greenhouse photovoltaic array shading on Welsh onion growth +Country  +
Embracing new agriculture commodity through integration of Java Tea as high Value Herbal crops in solar PV farms +Country  +
Environmental impacts of utility-scale solar energy +Global  +
Examining the Potential for Agricultural Benefits from Pollinator Habitat at Solar Facilities in the United States +National  +
Greenhouse tomato production with electricity generation by roof-mounted flexible solar panels +Country  +
How does a shelter of solar panels influence water flows in a soil–crop system? +Country  +
Impacts and opportunities from large‐scale solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation on agricultural production +Country  +
Implementation of agrophotovoltaics: Techno-economic analysis of the price-performance ratio and its policy implications +Country  +