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MHK Technologies/Deep Water Pipelines +NELHA has the best operational database for deep water pipelines. In 2012-2013 NELHA hired Makai, Global Diving and Healey Tibbits to repair the 40" diam pipe which was properly installed. It had served in continuous operation for 26 years (with a design life of 10 years).  +
MHK Technologies/OTEC +Simulated power production currently shows a stable, 24/7 baseload power output from the facility. Actual power production will be measured and studied in late 2014 after installation of the 100kW turbine  +
MHK Technologies/Oyster +Oyster 1 delivered in excess of 6000 operational hours offshore, as well as survival through winter seasons in line with its two-year design life.  +
MHK Technologies/Power Distribution Hub +Not at this time, but will do upon completion of all full scale testing.  +
MHK Technologies/gyrowavegen +Not known yet.  +