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Property Name Hydropower STEM Topic
Property Type Text
Description The category of a resource or lesson plan for the Hydropower/STEM/Resources section.
Allows Values Careers;Energy Basics;Environmental Considerations;Fisheries;Hydrology;Hydropower Facilities;Policy & Regulation

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Hydropower/STEM/Resources/ Hands-on Activity: Falling Water +Energy Basics  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/AC Generator +Energy Basics  +, Hydropower Facilities  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/All about Federal Hydropower Infographic +Energy Basics  +, Hydropower Facilities  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Besides Fossil Fuels Where Else Do We Get Energy +Energy Basics  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Careers in Energy: Who Works for an Energy Company? +Careers  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Colorado River Storage Project Management Center +Energy Basics  +, Hydropower Facilities  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Digital Energy +Energy Basics  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Energy Kids +Energy Basics  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Energy Kids: Hydropower Timelines +Energy Basics  +, Hydrology  +, Hydropower Facilities  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Energy Kids: Renewable Hydropower +Energy Basics  +, Fisheries  +, Hydrology  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Energy and Wildlife: Do You Like to Work with Animals +Environmental Considerations  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Exploring Hydroelectricity +Energy Basics  +, Hydrology  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Federal Columbia River Power System +Energy Basics  +, Hydrology  +, Environmental Considerations  +,
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Fish Ladder at Bonneville Dam +Environmental Considerations  +, Hydropower Facilities  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Fuel Mix: BPA, Northwest, and National +Energy Basics  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Fuel Mix: Northwest and National +Energy Basics  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Harnessing Hydropower +Energy Basics  +, Hydrology  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/How Are Power Sources Converted to Electricity +Energy Basics  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/How Electricity Moves from Nature to Your Home +Hydrology  +, Hydropower Facilities  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/How to Build a Turbine Science Lab +Energy Basics  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Hydro Flows Here City Power +Energy Basics  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Hydro Flows Here Columbia River +Energy Basics  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Hydro Flows Here Emissions Offset +Energy Basics  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Hydro Flows Here Irrigation Benefits +Energy Basics  +, Environmental Considerations  +
Hydropower/STEM/Resources/Hydro Project Regulations Overview +Hydropower Facilities  +, Policy & Regulation  +