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Property Name GuidanceDocType
Property Type String
Description The type of legal document as a string. This property is used by References type Legal Hearing/Document to define the legal document type.
Allows Values Checklist;Guide/Handbook;Inner-Office Memorandum;Instructions;Supplemental Material

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19 V.S.A. § 1111 Highway Right-of-Way Permit Application (Form TA 210) Example +Guide/Handbook  +
2015 Update for the CEQA Deskbook, 3rd Edition +Guide/Handbook  +
550 FW 3 NEPA Decision Documents +Guide/Handbook  +
A Guide to the FERC Electric Transmission Facilities Permit Process +Guide/Handbook  +
AASHTO's Practitioner's Handbook +Guide/Handbook  +
ACHP - Consultation with Indian Tribes in the Section 106 Review Process: a Handbook +Guide/Handbook  +
ACHP - Meeting the "Reasonable and Good Faith" Identification Standard in Section 106 Review +Supplemental Material  +
ACHP - Recommended Approach for Consultation on Recovery of Significant Information from Archeaological Sites +Supplemental Material  +
ACHP - Section 106 Applicant Toolkit +Guide/Handbook  +
ACHP - Section 106 Regulations Flowchart +Supplemental Material  +
AZPDES Construction General Permit Fact Sheet +Instructions  +
Aboveground Storage Tank Operator Handbook (Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation) +Guide/Handbook  +
Accordance of Utilities on Highway Right-of-Way and Adjustment and Relocation of Utility Facilities on Highway Projects +Guide/Handbook  +
Alabama – Alabama Department of Transportation Utility Manual +Guide/Handbook  +
Alaska - CPCN General Information +Instructions  +
Alaska ADEC Process for Issuing a 401 Waiver of Corps 404 Permits +Guide/Handbook  +
Alaska APDES Enforcement Response Guide +Guide/Handbook  +
Alaska Administrative Permit Manual: Oversize and Overweight Permits +Guide/Handbook  +
Alaska DOT&PF Utilities Manual +Guide/Handbook  +
Alaska Division of Water - General Permit for Excavation Dewatering – Permit Fact Sheet +Guide/Handbook  +
Alaska Highway Preconstruction Manual +Guide/Handbook  +
Alaska Landmark Register Procedures +Guide/Handbook  +
Alaska Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Control Strategy +Guide/Handbook  +
Alaska Planning Commission Handbook +Guide/Handbook  +
Alaska Public Participation in APDES Permitting Process +Guide/Handbook  +