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Property Name Geothermal/LegalNameOfAwardee
Property Type String
Description Legal Name of Awardee

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A 3D-3C Reflection Seismic Survey and Data Integration to Identify the Seismic Response of Fractures and Permeable Zones Over a Known Geothermal Resource at Soda Lake, Churchill Co., NV Geothermal Project +Magma Energy (U.S.) Corp.  +
A new analytic-adaptive model for EGS assessment, development and management support Geothermal Project +Board of Regents, NSHE, on behalf of UNR  +
An Integrated Experimental and Numerical Study: Developing a Reaction Transport Model that Couples Chemical Reactions of Mineral Dissolution/Precipitation with Spatial and Temporal Flow Variations in CO2/Brine/Rock Systems Geothermal Project +Regents of the University of Minnesota  +
Analysis of Energy, Environmental and Life Cycle Cost Reduction Potential of Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) in Hot and Humid Climate Geothermal Project +Florida International University Board of Trustees  +
Analysis of Low-Temperature Utilization of Geothermal Resources Geothermal Project +West Virginia University Research Corporation  +
Application of a New Structural Model and Exploration Technologies to Define a Blind Geothermal System: A Viable Alternative to Grid-Drilling for Geothermal Exploration: McCoy, Churchill County, NV Geothermal Project +Magma Energy (U.S.) Corp.  +
Characterizing Structural Controls of EGS-Candidate and Conventional Geothermal Reservoirs in the Great Basin: Developing Successful Exploration Strategies in Extended Terranes Geothermal Project +Board of Regents, NSHE, on behalf of UNR  +
Detachment Faulting and Geothermal Resources – An Innovative Integrated Geological and Geophysical Investigation in Fish Lake Valley, Nevada Geothermal Project +University of Kansas Center for Research Inc.  +
Development of a Geological and Geomechanical Framework for the Analysis of MEQ in EGS Experiments (Geysers) Geothermal Project +Texas Engineering Experiment Station  +
Harsh Environment Silicon Carbide Sensor Technology Geothermal Project +The Regents of the University of California  +
Large Scale GSHP as Alternative Energy for American Farmers Geothermal Project +The Curators of the University of Missouri  +
Pilgrim Hot Springs, Alaska Geothermal Project +University of Alaska Fairbanks  +
Verification of Geothermal Tracer Methods in Highly Constrained Field Experiments Geothermal Project +California State University, Long Beach Foundation  +