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A 3D-3C Reflection Seismic Survey and Data Integration to Identify the Seismic Response of Fractures and Permeable Zones Over a Known Geothermal Resource at Soda Lake, Churchill Co., NV Geothermal Project +If successful, this would mark a major advance in our ability to image potentially productive fluid pathways in fracture-dominated systems.  +
A Demonstration System for Capturing Geothermal Energy from Mine Waters beneath Butte, MT Geothermal Project +Successful application of techniques could allow replication to buildings across campus and in City of Butte, including county court house, the Federal court building, World Museum of Mining, and numerous privately owned historic buildings.  +
A Geothermal District-Heating System and Alternative Energy Research Park on the NM Tech Campus Geothermal Project +Subject of a class at NM Tech where a MS degree emphasizing geothermal resources is being offered.  Potential savings over natural gas heating would yield a 3 year payback.  +
A new analytic-adaptive model for EGS assessment, development and management support Geothermal Project +The proposed project will provide the ability to quantitative test hypotheses for new EGS designs and technologies, as well as reservoir sustainability modeling.  +
Advanced Seismic data Analysis Program (The “Hot Pot Project”) Geothermal Project +If successful, this should provide higher-quality seismic reflection images and more accurate depth control on imaged structures at depths typically targeted in geothermal fields.  +
Alum Innovative Exploration Project Geothermal Project +Validation of utilizing thermal infrared images from both day and night to do mineral and thermal mapping in combination with other surveys for successful well siting. The relative contribution of each technology will be assessed and reported.  +
An Integrated Experimental and Numerical Study: Developing a Reaction Transport Model that Couples Chemical Reactions of Mineral Dissolution/Precipitation with Spatial and Temporal Flow Variations in CO2/Brine/Rock Systems Geothermal Project +If successful, the investigation will provide insights into the behavior and effects of supercritical C02 in EGS reservoirs. 3-D imagine of mineral surfaces will provide insights into unknown dissolution and percipitation processes within the CO2-H20 EGS system.  +
Analysis & Tools to Spur Increased Deployment of “ Waste Heat” Rejection/Recycling Hybrid GHP Systems in Hot, Arid or Semiarid Climates Like Texas Geothermal Project +Improve GHP loop design and sizing, potential to improve GHP reliability and performance with lower cost in hot/arid regions of the country.  +
Analysis of Energy, Environmental and Life Cycle Cost Reduction Potential of Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) in Hot and Humid Climate Geothermal Project +Improve GHP loop design and sizing, potential to improve GHP reliability and performance with lower cost in hot/humid regions of the country.  +
Analysis of Low-Temperature Utilization of Geothermal Resources Geothermal Project +This Cornell geothermal analysis looks promising combined with a biomass gasification project. Funded geothermal analysts are being asked to assist the program in developing better supply and techno-economic estimates that can be used in DOE models such as the proposed input to MARKAL.  +
Application of 2D VSP Imaging Technology to the Targeting of Exploration and Production Wells in a Basin and Range Geothermal System Humboldt House-Rye Patch Geothermal Area Geothermal Project +Validation that 2D VSP is a viable exploration method for geothermal energy in a very promising geothermal field. The project addresses the regional challenge of shallow, unconsolidated fill and the solution could be applied across the Basin and Range.  +
Application of a New Structural Model and Exploration Technologies to Define a Blind Geothermal System: A Viable Alternative to Grid-Drilling for Geothermal Exploration: McCoy, Churchill County, NV Geothermal Project +A range of methods that will provide a coherent case history in a Basin and Range system and validation of slant hole technique for thermal surveys to reduce upfront exploration risk in future projects.  +
Away from the Range Front: Intra-Basin Geothermal Exploration Geothermal Project +A demonstration of cost effective combination of techniques to target blind systems in the Basin and Range and possibly beyond.  +
BSU GHP District Heating and Cooling System (PHASE I) Geothermal Project +GHP system will replace coal-fired steam boiler systems which annually require 36,000 tons of coal and emissions associated with its combustion. This project has a strong environmental impact for region, and offers tremendous potential for job creation and local economic growth due to the project's sheer size.  +
Baseline System Costs for 50.0 MW Enhanced Geothermal System -- A Function of: Working Fluid, Technology, and Location Geothermal Project +The project will develop a baseline cost model of a 50.0 MW Enhanced Geothermal System, including all aspects of the project, from finding the resource through to operation, for the deep granitic rock of the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. The project will develop an understanding of how that cost model changes with the change from H2O-EGS to CO2-EGS, with respect to key technologies, specifically: conventional vs. spallation drilling and CO2-EGS hybrid power system gas generation and processing approaches, and with respect to location, specifically: temperature profile vs. depth; geology, geo chemistry (rock type, porosity, etc); and local electric rate (as it applies to the effective cost of CO2, and EGS ROI overall). According to the application, there will be 10 jobs created and/or retained by the project.  +
Beowawe Bottoming Binary Project Geothermal Project +Innovative application new to low temp geothermal, potentially adding 10% additional power. Good economics in high price region.  +
Black Warrior: Sub-soil Gas and Fluid Inclusion Exploration and Slim Well Drilling Geothermal Project +Validation of relatively simple and cost-effective analyses that would significantly advance our ability to target "blind" fault-hosted geothermal systems.  +
Blind Geothermal System Exploration in Active Volcanic Environments; Multi-phase Geophysical and Geochemical Surveys in Overt and Subtle Volcanic Systems, Hawaii and Maui Geothermal Project +Demonstration that this new combination of technologies can be effectively utilized in a volcanic environment.  +
CNCC Craig Campus Geothermal Program: 82-well closed loop GHP well field to provide geothermal energy as a common utility for a new community college campus. Geothermal Project +Provides strong educational opportunity, demonstrates large campus loop design good for replication at other university facilities.  +
Cedarville School District Retrofit of Heating and Cooling Systems with Geothermal Heat Pumps and Ground Source Water Loops Geothermal Project +Project offers educational opportunity, and will stimulate economic growth in a rural area.  +
Characterizing Fractures in Geysers Geothermal Field by Micro-seismic Data, Using Soft Computing, Fractals, and Shear Wave Anisotropy Geothermal Project +If successful, the project will provide new methodologies to characterize geothermal reservoirs.  +
Characterizing Structural Controls of EGS-Candidate and Conventional Geothermal Reservoirs in the Great Basin: Developing Successful Exploration Strategies in Extended Terranes Geothermal Project +This project, if successful, will augment the discovery of new geothermal systems in the Great Basin.  +
Colorado State Capitol Building Geothermal Program Geothermal Project +Strong data gathering and educational potential for GHP technology, for incorporation into Colorado School of Mines's Geothermal Academy.  +
Complete Fiber/Copper Cable Solution for Long-Term Temperature and Pressure Measurement in Supercritical Reservoirs and EGS Wells Geothermal Project +If successful, the new cable would solve the hydrogen darkening problem and allow long term optical fiber use in high temperature EGS wells.  +
Comprehensive Evaluation of the Geothermal Resource Potential within the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation Geothermal Project +A validation of an exploration methodology designed for successful exploration in the Basin and Range. The project also creates jobs on an Indian Reservation.  +