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A 3D-3C Reflection Seismic Survey and Data Integration to Identify the Seismic Response of Fractures and Permeable Zones Over a Known Geothermal Resource at Soda Lake, Churchill Co., NV Geothermal Project +http://www.magmaenergycorp.com/s/Home.asp  +
A Demonstration System for Capturing Geothermal Energy from Mine Waters beneath Butte, MT Geothermal Project +http://www.mtech.edu/  +
A Geothermal District-Heating System and Alternative Energy Research Park on the NM Tech Campus Geothermal Project +http://www.nmt.edu/  +
A new analytic-adaptive model for EGS assessment, development and management support Geothermal Project +http://www.unr.edu/home/  +
Advanced Seismic data Analysis Program (The “Hot Pot Project”) Geothermal Project +http://www.oskienergy.com/  +
Alum Innovative Exploration Project Geothermal Project +http://www.sierrageopower.com/  +
An Integrated Experimental and Numerical Study: Developing a Reaction Transport Model that Couples Chemical Reactions of Mineral Dissolution/Precipitation with Spatial and Temporal Flow Variations in CO2/Brine/Rock Systems Geothermal Project +http://www.geo.umn.edu/  +
Analysis & Tools to Spur Increased Deployment of “ Waste Heat” Rejection/Recycling Hybrid GHP Systems in Hot, Arid or Semiarid Climates Like Texas Geothermal Project +http://www.utexas.edu/  +
Analysis of Energy, Environmental and Life Cycle Cost Reduction Potential of Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) in Hot and Humid Climate Geothermal Project +http://www.fiu.edu/  +
Analysis of Low-Temperature Utilization of Geothermal Resources Geothermal Project +http://www.che.cemr.wvu.edu/  +
Application of 2D VSP Imaging Technology to the Targeting of Exploration and Production Wells in a Basin and Range Geothermal System Humboldt House-Rye Patch Geothermal Area Geothermal Project +http://www.prescocorp.com/index.php  +
Application of a New Structural Model and Exploration Technologies to Define a Blind Geothermal System: A Viable Alternative to Grid-Drilling for Geothermal Exploration: McCoy, Churchill County, NV Geothermal Project +http://www.magmaenergycorp.com/s/Home.asp  +
Away from the Range Front: Intra-Basin Geothermal Exploration Geothermal Project +http://www.geogloballlc.com/  +
BSU GHP District Heating and Cooling System (PHASE I) Geothermal Project +http://cms.bsu.edu/  +
Baseline System Costs for 50.0 MW Enhanced Geothermal System -- A Function of: Working Fluid, Technology, and Location Geothermal Project +http://www.gasequip.com/  +
Beowawe Bottoming Binary Project Geothermal Project +http://www.terra-genpower.com/  +
Black Warrior: Sub-soil Gas and Fluid Inclusion Exploration and Slim Well Drilling Geothermal Project +http://www.nevadageothermal.com/s/Home.asp  +
Blind Geothermal System Exploration in Active Volcanic Environments; Multi-phase Geophysical and Geochemical Surveys in Overt and Subtle Volcanic Systems, Hawaii and Maui Geothermal Project +http://www.ormat.com/  +
CNCC Craig Campus Geothermal Program: 82-well closed loop GHP well field to provide geothermal energy as a common utility for a new community college campus. Geothermal Project +http://www.cncc.edu/  +
Cedarville School District Retrofit of Heating and Cooling Systems with Geothermal Heat Pumps and Ground Source Water Loops Geothermal Project +http://cedarville.ar.schoolwebpages.com/education/district/district.php?sectionid=1  +
Characterizing Fractures in Geysers Geothermal Field by Micro-seismic Data, Using Soft Computing, Fractals, and Shear Wave Anisotropy Geothermal Project +http://www.usc.edu/  +
Characterizing Structural Controls of EGS-Candidate and Conventional Geothermal Reservoirs in the Great Basin: Developing Successful Exploration Strategies in Extended Terranes Geothermal Project +http://www.unr.edu/Geothermal/  +
Colorado State Capitol Building Geothermal Program Geothermal Project +http://www.colorado.gov/DPA/  +
Complete Fiber/Copper Cable Solution for Long-Term Temperature and Pressure Measurement in Supercritical Reservoirs and EGS Wells Geothermal Project +http://www.drakausa.com/  +
Comprehensive Evaluation of the Geothermal Resource Potential within the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation Geothermal Project +http://plpt.nsn.us/  +