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Property Name GRR/PotentialRoadblocks
Property Type Text
Description A brief description of any possible obstacles or issues a person should be aware of when exploring a particular Geothermal Regulatory Roadmap element or section.

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RAPID/Roadmap/14-ID-c +Extensive public comments can stretch the timeline since IDWR must respond to all comments, potentially hold a Fact Finding Hearing, and thoroughly review the input received in these processes prior to making a decision to issue or deny the permit.  +
RAPID/Roadmap/14-UT-c +If the permit application does not adequately demonstrate that geothermal re-injection wells will be constructed and operated to be protective of any USDWs the issuance of a permit may be denied or delayed.  +
RAPID/Roadmap/5-ID-a + * Incomplete applications result in longer approval times by IDWR   +