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MHK Technologies/Atlantis AN 150 +The AN150 system was connected to the SPAusNet Victorian electricity grid exporting renewable power for from 2008 to 2012 Atlantis received power sales revenue and RECs Renewable Energy Certificates during this period of operation  +
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AR 1000 +Atlantis connect its 1MW AR1000 tidal turbine to the grid at the European Marine Energy Centre EMEC in Orkney Scotland on Thursday the 11th August 2011 Atlantis Resources Corporation will continue its AR1000 tidal turbine testing programme at the National Renewable Energy Centre Narec in Blyth Northumberland The company s AR1000 nacelle was retrieved from its test berth at the European Marine Energy Centre EMEC in Orkney in late November following successful open ocean testing It will be transported to Blyth for preparation ahead of the spring opening of Narec s 3MW capacity turbine drive train testing facility The independent onshore facility has been developed to de risk in field activities conducting reliability and performance appraisals of new devices and system components through accelerated lifetime testing  +
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AS 400 +A five day tow testing program was conducted off the coast of Singapore and involved the mobilisation of the 20 tonne horizontal axis turbine seven meters in diameter and eight meters in length on a flat top barge pulled by two ocean going tugs The turbine was constructed based on Atlantis s Solon turbine performance model  +
MHK Technologies/Deep Water Pipelines +This technology has been demonstrated at the commercial scale.  +
MHK Technologies/European Pico Pilot Plant +Since its recovery project from 2004 2006 conducted by WavEC the Pico OWC has been generally operational however with interruptions In spite of lack of financial means WavEC has since then introduced gradually substantial improvements whose objective is near rated power and autuonomous operation by the end of 2009  +
MHK Technologies/Evopod E1 +This is a 1 10th scale device in testing The conditions the device is installed in are real sea conditions that can be very dangerous however the difference between this system and a full scale system is that this device is installed in 1 10th of the expected flow speed of a full scale device Therefore observations of this devices operation are useful regards providing a real world simulation of how a full scale device would have to operate  +
MHK Technologies/Hydroflo +A full scale five blade floating waterwheel prototype has been tested in the ocean  +
MHK Technologies/Kinetic Hydropower System KHPS +During 2006 08 Verdant Power demonstrated a fully functional full scale pre commercial Gen4 KHPS in an open water ocean setting the East Channel of the East River ocean tidal strait The Gen4 KHPS featured bottom mounting full yaw capability automatic power flow control and grid connection with a multiple turbine array The RITE demonstration entailed mounting and operating six 6 Gen4 KHPS turbines five of which were generator units and one a hydrodynamically identical dynamometer for rotor testing The generator units used 37kW induction generators and were connected to two commercial end users The dynamometer unit was fully instrumented for torque and tachometry measurements along with compass inclinometer vibration various component temperatures humidity and leak detection The RITE Gen4 KHPS met or exceed all performance expectations successfully demonstrating the system as an efficient source of renewable energy with the following outcomes Gr  +
MHK Technologies/Oceanlinx Mark 3 Wave Energy Converter +Yes a one third scale and a full scale prototype of earlier generation technology have been tested in sea state conditions The latest device has been subjected to wave tank testing to evaluate improvements to the technology of earlier generations.  +
MHK Technologies/Oyster +315kW Oyster 1 proof of concept device operated at sea at the European Marine Energy Centre EMEC in northern Scotland between 2009 and 2011 and was connected to a grid operated by utility Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution Second generation 800kW Oyster 800 began operation testing at sea in June 2012 when it produced first electrical power to the grid Oyster 800 has a 20 year design life Third generation Oyster 801 machine scheduled for installation at sea in 2013  +
MHK Technologies/Power Distribution Hub +Test in process over one year in France. Due to retrieve in September 2016  +
MHK Technologies/PowerBuoy +It was deployed on April 15 2011 for ocean trials at a site approximately 33 nautical miles from Invergordon Scotland Wave conditions encountered have included storm waves and electrical power generated by the PB150 has included peaks of over 400 kilowatts Average electrical power of 45 kilowatts was generated at wave heights as low as 2 meters  +
MHK Technologies/Pulse Stream 1200 +This was completed in 2010  +
MHK Technologies/SeaGen +SeaGen achieved its rated power of 1 2MW for the first time in December 2008 and is fully operational at the time of writing Generated electricity is being sold and SeaGen is officially accredited as the UK s first marine generating station with the UK grid authority OFGE  +
MHK Technologies/Uppsala Seabased AB Wave Energy Converter +One wave energy converter has been installed off the Swedish west coast since march 2006 The generated electricity has been transmitted to a measuring station on shore Before 2009 the first generator had been operated during three time periods from which we have accumulated force measurements and over 13 months of electricity production data A few months ago another two were installed and all three were connected to a marine substation and at 1kV and 50Hz the electricity is being transmitted to a dump load at a measuring station on shore Grid connection is scheduled for next year  +
MHK Technologies/gyrowavegen +Not expected until 2019-2020  +