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A Decade of Colorado Water Supreme Court Water Decisions: 1996-2006 +University of Colorado Law School  +
A Technology Assessment System Of The Alternative Energy Sources (Sun And Wind) For Rural Communities In Mexico +A.A.M. Sayigh  +
Ch. I, Report on Waunita Hot Springs Project, Gunnison County, Colorado +T. G. Zacharakis  +
Ch. II, Waunita Hot Springs, Colorado Geothermal Prospect Reconaissance +T. G. Zacharakis  +
Ch. III, Interpretation of water sample analyses Waunita Hot Springs area Gunnison County, Colorado +T. G. Zacharakis  +
Ch. IV, A hydrogeochemical comparison of the Waunita Hot Springs, Hortense, Castle Rock and Anderson Hot Springs +T. G. Zacharakis  +
Ch. VI, The geophysical environment around Waunita Hot Springs +T. G. Zacharakis  +
Ch. VII, Temperature, heat flow maps and temperature gradient holes +T. G. Zacharakis  +
Ch. VIII, Soil mercury investigations, Waunita Hot Springs +T. G. Zacharakis  +
Cryptic Faulting and Multi-Scale Geothermal Fluid Connections in the Dixie Valley-Central Nevada Seismic Belt Area- Implications from Mt Resistivity Surveying +N/A  +
Geodetic Constraints on Contemporary Deformation in the Northern Walker Lane: 2. Velocity and Strain Rate Tensor Analysis- In: Late Cenozoic Structure and Evolution of the Great Basin-Sierra Nevada Transition +John S. Oldow  +, Patricia H. Cashman  +
Geothermal resources of the Upper San Luis and Arkansas valleys, Colorado +Epis  +, R.C. & Weimer  +, R.I.  +
Hydrothermal Alteration Mineral Studies in Long Valley, In- Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Hydrologic and Geochemical Monitoring in the Long Valley Caldera +Michael L. Sorey  +, Christopher D. Farrar  +, Harold A. Wollenberg  +
Latest Precambrian to latest Devonian time; development of a continental margin, in The Cordilleran Orogen: Conterminous U.S. +Burchfiel  +, B.C.  +, Lipman  +,
Mapping the Hydrothermal System Beneath the Western Moat of Long Valley Caldera Using Magnetotelluric and Time-domain Electromagnetic Measurements +N.E. Goldstein  +
Predicting Reservoir System Quality and Performance +E.A. Beaumont  +, N.H. Foster  +
Regional characteristics, tilt domains, and extensional history of the Late Cenozoic Basin and Range Province, Western North America, in: Accommodation Zones and Transfer Zones and the Regional Segmentation of the Basin and Range Province +Faulds  +, J.E.  +, and Stewart  +,
Subsurface Electrical Measurements at Dixie Valley, Nevada, Using Single-Well and Surface-to-Well Induction Logging +N/A  +
The Mount Princeton geothermal area, Chaffee County, Colorado +Epis  +, R.C. & Weimer  +, R.I.  +
Uranium Series Disequilibrium: Applications to Environmental Problems +M. Ivanovich  +, Russell S. Harmon  +