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"Display title of" is a predefined property that can assign a distinct display title to an entity and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

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1, Malozemelnaya str., Kiev, Ukraine: Energy Resources +1, Malozemelnaya str., Kiev, Ukraine: Energy Resources  +
Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania: Energy Resources +Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania: Energy Resources  +
Abbeville County, South Carolina: Energy Resources +Abbeville County, South Carolina: Energy Resources  +
Abbeville, Alabama: Energy Resources +Abbeville, Alabama: Energy Resources  +
Abbeville, Georgia: Energy Resources +Abbeville, Georgia: Energy Resources  +
Abbeville, Louisiana: Energy Resources +Abbeville, Louisiana: Energy Resources  +
Abbeville, Mississippi: Energy Resources +Abbeville, Mississippi: Energy Resources  +
Abbeville, South Carolina: Energy Resources +Abbeville, South Carolina: Energy Resources  +
Abbot, Maine: Energy Resources +Abbot, Maine: Energy Resources  +
Abbotsford, Australia: Energy Resources +Abbotsford, Australia: Energy Resources  +
Abbotsford, Wisconsin: Energy Resources +Abbotsford, Wisconsin: Energy Resources  +
Abbott, Texas: Energy Resources +Abbott, Texas: Energy Resources  +
Abbottstown, Pennsylvania: Energy Resources +Abbottstown, Pennsylvania: Energy Resources  +
Abbyville, Kansas: Energy Resources +Abbyville, Kansas: Energy Resources  +
Abercrombie, North Dakota: Energy Resources +Abercrombie, North Dakota: Energy Resources  +
Aberdeen Gardens, Washington: Energy Resources +Aberdeen Gardens, Washington: Energy Resources  +
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland: Energy Resources +Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland: Energy Resources  +
Aberdeen, Idaho: Energy Resources +Aberdeen, Idaho: Energy Resources  +
Aberdeen, Maryland: Energy Resources +Aberdeen, Maryland: Energy Resources  +
Aberdeen, Mississippi: Energy Resources +Aberdeen, Mississippi: Energy Resources  +
Aberdeen, North Carolina: Energy Resources +Aberdeen, North Carolina: Energy Resources  +
Aberdeen, Ohio: Energy Resources +Aberdeen, Ohio: Energy Resources  +
Aberdeen, South Dakota: Energy Resources +Aberdeen, South Dakota: Energy Resources  +
Aberdeen, Washington: Energy Resources +Aberdeen, Washington: Energy Resources  +
Abernathy, Texas: Energy Resources +Abernathy, Texas: Energy Resources  +