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Property Name DeploymentPrograms
Property Type String
Description Depolyment programs as listed in cleanenergysolutions.org

Allows the following values:

  • Audit Programs
  • Demonstration & Implementation
  • Green Power/Voluntary RE Purchase
  • High Performance Buildings
  • Industry Codes & Standards
  • Project Development
  • Public Tenders, Procurement, & Lead Examples
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Retrofits
  • Ride Share, Bike Share, etc.
  • Technical Assistance
  • Training & Education
  • Voluntary Appliance & Equipment Labeling
  • Voluntary Industry Agreements

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2010 Carbon Sequestration Atlas of the United States and Canada: Third Edition +Public-Private Partnerships  +
2010 Vehicle Technologies Market Report +Demonstration & Implementation  +
A European Supergrid for Renewable Energy: Local Impacts and Far-Reaching Challenges +Demonstration & Implementation  +
A Review of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Performance and Policy Options in the United States: Final Report +Demonstration & Implementation  +
AIRMaster+ Software +Technical Assistance  +
Accelerating Successful Smart Grid Pilots +Demonstration & Implementation  +
Aligning Utility Incentives with Investment in Energy Efficiency: A Resource of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (United States) +Demonstration & Implementation  +
Alternatives to Traditional Transportation Fuels 2009 +Demonstration & Implementation  +
An Analytical Framework for Long Term Policy for Commercial Deployment and Innovation in Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technology in the United States +Demonstration & Implementation  +
Analysis on Current Status of the Gas Filling Station Networks Website +Technical Assistance  +
Annual Review of Low-Carbon Development in China (2011-2012): Chapter Summaries +Project Development  +
Anticipates and Responds to System Disturbances (Self-Heals) +Public-Private Partnerships  +
Appliance Energy Consumption in Australia +Industry Codes & Standards  +
Appliance Standby Power and Energy Consumption in South African Households +Technical Assistance  +
BIOMAP Time-Enabled Mapping and Dissemination Tool for Biofuels Projects +Project Development  +
BUILD UP: Energy Solutions for Better Buildings (Website) +Training & Education  +
Backup Generators (BUGS): The Next Smart Grid Peak Resource? +Demonstration & Implementation  +
BioPower Application (United States) +Demonstration & Implementation  +
Bioenergy and Food Security Criteria and Indicators (BEFSCI) Website +Technical Assistance  +
Biofuels Atlas (United States) +Technical Assistance  +
Biotrans: Cost Optimization Model +Demonstration & Implementation  +
Building Energy Efficiency Policies (BEEP) Database +Training & Education  +
Building Technologies Program Website +Technical Assistance  +
Bureau of Energy Efficiency Standard & Labelling (India) Website +Voluntary Appliance & Equipment Labeling  +
CO2 Europipe +Project Development  +