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Property Name CompeteLeasing
Property Type Text
Description Used by the RAPID toolkit state level permitting forms.

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RAPID/Geothermal/Alaska/Land Access +Yes, if multiple applications are received for a mineral tract.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/California/Land Access +California State Land Commission may determine the use of a competitive process.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Colorado/Land Access +[[Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners]] has authority to approve geothermal leases through competitive bidding.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Hawaii/Land Access +Competitive public auction for state mineral rights or reserved mineral rights where the right of first refusal is not exercised in six months.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Idaho/Land Access +Yes, if the [[Idaho Department of Lands]] receives two or more applications on the same day or if after a single applicant files an application for lease, another application is filed after the public notice period.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Montana/Land Access +Yes, competitive bid process.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Nevada/Land Access +Yes, public auction administered by the [[Nevada Division of State Lands]].  +
RAPID/Geothermal/New Mexico/Land Access +Yes, [[New Mexico State Land Office]] issues geothermal leases through competitive auction.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Oregon/Land Access +If the land is within a Designated Geothermal Resources Area (DGRA), the [[Oregon Department of State Lands]] will likely facilitate the competitive leasing process.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Texas/Land Access +Yes, for all lands except Relinquishment Act Lands.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Utah/Land Access +Yes, discretionary.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Washington/Land Access +[[Washington State Department of Natural Resources]] may offer the land for a public lease auction.  +
RAPID/Solar/Nevada/Land Access +Yes, public auction for leasing state lands.  +