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Description Used by the RAPID toolkit state level permitting forms.

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RAPID/Hydropower/Alaska/Power Plant +A "public utility" or "utility" includes every corporation whether public, cooperative, or otherwise, company, individual, or association of individuals, their lessees, trustees, or receivers appointed by the court, that owns, operates, manages, or controls any plant, pipeline, or system for furnishing, by generation, transmission, or distribution, electrical service to the public for compensation. [[Alaska - AS 42.05.990 - Definitions | AS 42.05.990(6)]].  +
RAPID/Hydropower/Colorado/Power Plant +A public utility'...includes every...electrical corporation...operating for the purpose of supplying the public for domestic, mechanical, or public uses and every corporation, or person declared by law to be affected with a public interest, and each of the preceding is hereby declared to be a public utility and to be subject to the jurisdiction, control, and regulation of the commission..." In addition "[e]very cooperative electric association, or nonprofit electric corporation or association, and every other supplier of electric energy, whether supplying electric energy for the use of the public or for the use of its own members, is '''hereby declared to be affected with a public interest''' and to be a public utility and to be subject to the jurisdiction, control, and regulation of the commission and to the provisions of articles 1 to 7 of this title." [[Colorado - C.R.S. 40-1-101 et seq., Definitions]].  +
RAPID/Hydropower/New York/Power Plant +A “electric corporation includes every corporation, company, joint-stock association, partnership and person...who owns, operates, or manages a electric plant for generation for public use.” [[New York – Public Service Law]].  +
RAPID/Hydropower/Vermont/Power Plant +A "energy company" includes individuals, partnerships, associations, electric cooperatives, corporations, and municipalities owning or conducting any public service business or property used in energy production (e.g., heat, light, or motion from natural gas, solar, geothermal resources, nuclear, wind...or flowing water. [[Title 30 Chapter 5 |30 V.S.A. § 201]]  +