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Education +elementary or middle school  +, high school  +, college or university  +,
Food Sales +grocery store or food market  +, gas station with a convenience store  +, convenience store  +
Food Service +fast food  +, restaurant or cafeteria  +
Health Care (Inpatient) +hospital  +, inpatient rehabilitation  +
Health Care (Outpatient) +medical office  +, clinic or other outpatient health care  +, outpatient rehabilitation  +,
Lodging +motel or inn; hotel; dormitory  +, fraternity  +, or sorority; retirement home; nursing home  +,
Mercantile (Enclosed and Strip Malls) +enclosed mall; strip shopping center  +
Mercantile (Retail Other Than Mall) +retail store; beer  +, wine  +, or liquor store; rental center; dealership or showroom for vehicles or boats; studio/gallery  +
Office +administrative or professional office; government office; mixed-use office; bank or other financial institution; medical office; sales office; contractor's office (e.g. construction  +, plumbing  +, HVAC); non-profit or social services; research and development; city hall or city center; religious office; call center  +
Other +airplane hangar; crematorium; laboratory; telephone switching; agricultural with some retail space; manufacturing or industrial with some retail space; data center or server farm  +
Public Assembly +social or meeting (e.g. community center  +, lodge  +, meeting hall  +,
Public Order and Safety +police station; fire station; jail  +, reformatory  +, or penitentiary; courthouse or probation office  +
Service +vehicle service or vehicle repair shop; vehicle storage/ maintenance (car barn); repair shop; dry cleaner or laundromat ; post office or postal center; car wash; gas station; photo processing shop; beauty parlor or barber shop; tanning salon; copy center or printing shop; kennel  +
Warehouse and Storage +refrigerated warehouse; non-refrigerated warehouse; distribution or shipping center  +