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Education +Buildings used for academic or technical classroom instruction, such as elementary, middle, or high schools, and classroom buildings on college or university campuses. Buildings on education campuses for which the main use is not classroom are included in the category relating to their use. For example, administration buildings are part of "Office," dormitories are "Lodging," and libraries are "Public Assembly."  +
Food Sales +Buildings used for retail or wholesale of food.  +
Food Service +Buildings used for preparation and sale of food and beverages for consumption.  +
Health Care (Inpatient) +Buildings used as diagnostic and treatment facilities for inpatient care.  +
Health Care (Outpatient) +Buildings used as diagnostic and treatment facilities for outpatient care. Medical offices are included here if they use any type of diagnostic medical equipment (if they do not, they are categorized as an office building).  +
Lodging +Buildings used to offer multiple accommodations for short-term or long-term residents, including skilled nursing and other residential care buildings.  +
Mercantile (Enclosed and Strip Malls) +Shopping malls comprised of multiple connected establishments.  +
Mercantile (Retail Other Than Mall) +Buildings used for the sale and display of goods other than food.  +
Office +Buildings used for general office space, professional office, or administrative offices. Medical offices are included here if they do not use any type of diagnostic medical equipment (if they do, they are categorized as an outpatient health care building).  +
Other +Buildings that are industrial or agricultural with some retail space; buildings having several different commercial activities that, together, comprise 50 percent or more of the floorspace, but whose largest single activity is agricultural, industrial/ manufacturing, or residential; and all other miscellaneous buildings that do not fit into any other category.  +
Public Assembly +Buildings in which people gather for social or recreational activities, whether in private or non-private meeting halls.  +
Public Order and Safety +Buildings used for the preservation of law and order or public safety.  +
Religious Worship +Buildings in which people gather for religious activities, (such as chapels, churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples).  +
Service +Buildings in which some type of service is provided, other than food service or retail sales of goods  +
Vacant +Buildings in which more floorspace was vacant than was used for any single commercial activity at the time of interview. Therefore, a vacant building may have some occupied floorspace.  +
Warehouse and Storage +Buildings used to store goods, manufactured products, merchandise, raw materials, or personal belongings (such as self-storage).  +