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"Project Catalyst is an initiative of the ClimateWorks Foundation. ClimateWorks is a global, nonprofit philanthropic foundation headquartered in San Francisco, California with a network of affiliated foundations in China, India, the US, and the European Union. The ClimateWorks family of organizations focus on enacting policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions through three general policy areas: energy efficiency standards, low-carbon energy supply, and forest conservation/agriculture (see

ClimateWorks launched Project Catalyst in May of 2008 to provide analytic and policy support in a confidential, unofficial forum for negotiators, policymakers, and world leaders leading up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations. Project Catalyst provides a forum where key participants in the global discussions can informally interact, conduct analyses, jointly problem solve, and contribute ideas and proposals to the formal UNFCCC process as well as subsequent ancillary agreements. Project Catalyst has created a global brand for apolitical, state-of-the-art economic analysis, which has been relied upon by nations ranging from Guyana to the United States. This analysis draws upon the expertise of its network of over 150 climate negotiators, senior government officials, representatives of multilateral institutions, business executives, and leading experts from over 30 countries. By making its fact-based research and analysis directly relevant to the most pressing questions of the world’s most powerful climate decision-makers, Project Catalyst both complements and enhances the UNFCCC process.

Project Catalyst has always advocated for a distributed, pluralistic set of solutions, involving bilateral arrangements, private initiatives, coordinated domestic policies, and carefully designed international regulatory and coordinating mechanisms. The documents on this website present analysis and potential policy solutions for a number of subjects within the global climate policy framework."





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