Pressure Temperature Log At Steamboat Springs Area (Combs, Et Al., 1999)

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Exploration Activity: Pressure Temperature Log At Steamboat Springs Area (Combs, Et Al., 1999)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Steamboat Springs Area
Exploration Technique Pressure Temperature Log
Activity Date
Usefulness could be useful with more improvements
DOE-funding Unknown

Downhole data during production and injection tests were acquired using pressure/temperature/spinner (PTS) tools from two dtierent service companies. Although details differed, all the commercial downhole instruments were designed to take data and to transmit that data uphole in real time, using a singleconductor wireline. All the instruments (each company used more than one) employed a dewar, or thermal flasIq to protect the downhole electronics, but in spite of that, the internal tool temperature would rise significantly during the course of a normal test. If this effect is not compensated, heating the electronics will cause the signal output to drift, giving unreliable data. A properly cahbrated tool accounts for the heating and provides accurately compensated data but we were not always confident that this was the case with the instrumentation used in this project. This experience indicates that there is significant room for improvement in slimhole, high-temperature logging tools.


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