Present Status Of Fang Geothermal Project, Thailand

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Journal Article: Present Status Of Fang Geothermal Project, Thailand

Geothermal exploration work in Fang area began in 1977 when the BRGM and Geowatt of France and EGAT agreed to collaborate on a feasibility study of electric energy production in Fang geothermal area. Twelve exploration wells (FGTE series) and eight slim holes (BH series) have been drilled and produce hot water at 105°C, 0.4 bars at a discharge rate of up to 14 l/s. Exploration well testing and the economic study is to be conducted as part of the next cooperation programme of AFME and EGAT during late 1985 - early 1986. The first 100-300 kWe demonstration plant is planned to be installed by the end of Fiscal Year 1986. The future of the development programme depends on the success of this demonstration plant.

Sukunya Wanakasem and Kamol Takabut

Published Journal 
Geothermics, 1986



Sukunya Wanakasem,Kamol Takabut. 1986. Present Status Of Fang Geothermal Project, Thailand. Geothermics. (!) .