Preparing Low-emission and Climate-Resilient Development Strategies (LECRDS) - Executive Summary

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This report serves as the Executive Summary to a series of manuals and guidebooks that UNDP is offering in support of Low-Emission and Climate-Resilient Development Strategies (LECRDS). It provides a brief outline of the approach and methodologies that these materials treat in detail.


UNDP is assisting national and sub-national governments in developing countries to prepare low-emission climate-resilient development strategies (LECRDS). Working within relevant national, local, and regional planning and coordination frameworks, LECRDS are designed to build upon existing strategies and development plans. These strategies simultaneously address the threats, risks, vulnerabilities and uncertainties associated with global climate change and the pressing development needs countries face as they pursue sustainable development. LECRDS are based on a series of steps and various robust and integrated assessments (e.g. scientific, institutional, financial and socio-economic) such as climate change scenarios, current and projected sustainable development needs, and climate change response options. These assessments assist countries in identifying climate change efforts; they are country-driven and include the vast range of affected stakeholder groups and sectors throughout the assessment and implementation stages. They result in strategic and programmatic roadmaps for developing country governments to implement LECRDS and achieve sustainable development trajectories that are low emission and resilient to climate change.
  1.  "Preparing Low-Emission and Climate-Resilient Development Strategies (LECRDS) - Executive Summary"