Prediction Of Hydrocarbons In The West Siberian Basin

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Journal Article: Prediction Of Hydrocarbons In The West Siberian Basin

A broad outline of the habitat of hydrocarbons in the West Siberian basin is described. It comprises a number of hydrocarbon systems, each of which is characterised as having hydrocarbons in different phase states, and can be regarded as a standard for developing basic geological and geochemical indicators for the prediction of dry gas, wet gas, oil and gas condensate. It is considered that most of the hydrocarbons have been generated and accumulated very locally, and that lack of vertical migration has limited any significant distortion of the original vertical and regional genetic zones. From this zonation it is possible to demarcate the more prospective regions. It is shown that the large number of dry gas accumulations in the Albo-Cenomanian sands of northern West Siberia result from early biogenic transformation of in situ coaly material, which is now at the lignite to bituminous stage of maturation. Radiometric argon dating shows that structures were filled by Oligocene times, but modification of the geothermal regime during the Ice Age and by the continuing permafrost has caused reduction of gas volumes. Some of the gas accumulations have oil rims, and it is shown that both the oil and gas phases were of separate origin and emplacement. The condensates from the 'dry' gas of northern West Siberia are naphtenic. They are genetically related to the biogenic gases and not to the paraffinic wet gas and oil, with associated gas, of the Lower Cretaceous and Upper Jurassic of the central and southern provinces. A vertical and regional zonation of the hydrocarbon phases is established, which goes from shallow gas, through wet gas and oil with associated gas, to deeper gas condensate, and finally to dry gas. The exploration for gas condensates (with high condensate content) in the Lower Jurassic, Triassic and the Paleozoic series in the deeper parts of the West Siberian basin, is at an early stage.

A. S. Rovenskaya and N. N. Nemchenko

Published Journal 
Bulletin Des Centres De Recherches Exploration-Production Elf Aquitaine, 1992

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A. S. Rovenskaya,N. N. Nemchenko. 1992. Prediction Of Hydrocarbons In The West Siberian Basin. Bulletin Des Centres De Recherches Exploration-Production Elf Aquitaine. (!) .