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Pre-application processes are important to begin sharing project information; identifying the formal submittal documentation and requirements; identifying data requirements and data gaps; identifying lead, cooperating, and referral agencies; identifying potential sensitive issues; identifying submittal requirements and review schedules; and establishing expectations of all parties that could be formalized in a MOU.

The comprehensive Pre-Application Checklist provides a suggestion of a number of steps designed to establish a common knowledge base and direction. Sections include:

  • Provision of Project information from the proponent, including either proposed details or “typical” characteristics of the type of line proposed
  • Training - Tutorial and Transmission Impact Guide for Environmental Reporting
  • Identification of formal submittal documentation and requirements (including NEPA, NHPA, ESA, MBTA, BGEPA, and Clean Water Act compliance)
  • Identification of Data Requirements and Data Gaps
  • Identification of Lead, Cooperating, and Referral Agencies
  • Identification of Sensitive Issues
  • Potential Resource Impacts and Mitigation Measures
  • Submittal Requirements and Review Schedule
  • Cost Recovery
  • MOU Development
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