Power Ally

From Open Energy Information

Power Ally’s mission is to empower consumers’ energy choices. Please note: this is a hackathon-generated application or tool, so this application is in alpha stage and does not represent a finished product.

Power Ally’s mission is to empower consumers’ energy choices. By using the details to present the criteria that matter most to a particular person, whether savings, renewable energy or both, the choices can become clear. Founded in 2012 by a team of energy, technology and business professionals, Power Ally brings the strength of wide-spread data integration to the complexities residents face when selecting an electricity provider.

Power Ally matches residents with the proper electricity plan. Over the last decade, a number of state governments have changed utility laws so that residents can buy electricity from private companies rather than the utility. As a result, residents now face a wider range of prices for electricity, with up to 250 rate options, of various durations and complexities. Reliable, comprehensive sources are difficult to find, and even if they are found, it takes time to make sense of the plethora of options. Power Ally collects a resident’s specific use information and sources all the relevant supplier rates to act on the best possible options.

In order to get started, enter your information on the right side of the home page and click the “Empower” button. Unfortunately, only Texas residents currently, additional regions will be added soon. Power Ally will retrieve information about your current electricity rate and past electric use and combine it with its full rate information. The resulting presentation with cleanly show your best options. Full details are available in table form as well.