Philippines-Ortigas Greenways: Demonstrating Innovation in Walkable Districts

From Open Energy Information


The aim of this project is to "develop a high-quality demonstration on walkability in the Ortigas area [Philippines], which is financially sustainable, socially inclusive and environmentally friendly. One of the highlight outcomes would be the development of an “Ortigas Greenway” that provides a high-quality walking corridor through Ortigas, with an initial linkage between the Ortigas MRT station to Ortigas Park."2

Project objectives include:

  • The delivery of a tangible nonmotorized demonstration for developing member country (DMC) and city officials in the region.
  • Demonstration of a sustainable financing mechanism involving the private sector (Public Private Partnership) for nonmotorized interventions.
  • Improvement of accessibility conditions for ADB employees and thereby improving ADB productivity.
  • Improvement of accessibility conditions for the wider Ortigas community and thereby indicating ADB’s commitment to being a contributing member of its community.
  • Building upon ADB’s own Greening the Headquarters initiative by adding a component on transport.

"The project work will then focus upon conceptual planning activities to formalize the Ortigas Greenways vision across local government, the local business community, and ADB. The creation of design renderings for alternative NMT options will assist in motivating officials to recognize the potential of the area as a demonstration site."2


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