Peru-Green Growth Planning

From Open Energy Information


"GGGI supports emerging and developing countries that seek to develop rigorous green growth economic development strategies. It does so by placing the best available analytical tools at their disposal, building their institutional capacity to apply these tools for their own purposes, and engaging them in an international process of mutual learning with other countries on a similar journey. It also supports the implementation of green growth plans by advising on their institutionalization in governmental structures and policy as well as by engaging private investors and public donors in their successful execution."

Program Scope

The work will include macro- and micro-economic analyses of low-carbon development options, as well as policy and carbon finance recommendations. The goal is to develop a comprehensive green growth strategy focused on rural electrification, management of forests, water scarcity and agricultural productivity – the key elements of which will be included in the government’s new Plan for Accelerated and Sustained Development to End Poverty (PASDEP). GGGI will also identify the long term institutional requirements to implement the plan and to embed green growth planning in the country.


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