Perforating System for Geothermal Applications Geothermal Project

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Last modified on July 22, 2011.

Project Title Perforating System for Geothermal Applications
Project Type / Topic 1 Recovery Act: Enhanced Geothermal Systems Component Research and Development/Analysis
Project Type / Topic 2 High-Temperature Downhole Tools
Project Description Within the oilfield industry, experience gained over the years, have transformed Schlumberger into the technical and innovative leader in the development of perforating completions. Hence, Schlumberger has a good understanding of the technologies which need to be developed to further expand the operating envelop of its high temperature perforating completion systems.

Since all of these components [Explosive, Initiators, Shaped Charges, Ballistic Train, Hardware] already exist within Schlumberger and have been proven reliable in conventional reservoir environments, the main focus of this development will be to improve on the current designs and characterize the subcomponents/system at the temperature and pressure. In addition to the system development, this project endeavors to develop the capability of manufacturing production scale quantities of chemical explosives for high temperature applications.

State Texas
Objectives The objective of this project is to develop a perforating system consisting of explosive components and hardware capable of reliable performance in high temperatures geothermal wells (>200 ºC).
Awardees (Company / Institution) Schlumberger Technology Corp
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Partner 1 -

Funding Opportunity Announcement DE-FOA-0000075
DOE Funding Level (total award amount) $4,731,449.00
Awardee Cost Share $1,627,901.00
Total Project Cost $6,359,350.00

Principal Investigator(s) Moises Enrique Smart, Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Targets / Milestones Inline with the Site Selection and Reservoir Creation areas, within EGS Research, Development and Demonstration technical plan, this project will focus on developing technologies required for engineering wells to enable stimulation and ensuring long term integrity of the wellbore and permit the creation of EGS reservoirs with technical characteristics required for economic viability.

Location of Project Rosharon, TX

Impacts If successful, the system would allow perforating of casing at the very high temperatures expected in EGS wells.
Funding Source American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
References EERE Geothermal Technologies Programs[1]


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