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People Power 1.0 is the intelligent iPhone and Android Smartphone application that's free and helps manage your personal energy use to save money.


The free People Power app supports Green Button and is an easy way to start managing your energy to save money while cutting energy waste. People Power recommends many ways to cut energy waste, tests your energy knowledge and compares your home against others. It can be connected with devices that allow you to monitor and control your electricity spend so you can save money by being eco-friendly. People Power's Energy Dashboards puts your energy use at your fingertips. Find out the price that your utility is charging you for electricity right when it changes.

The app is compatible with Blue Line's PowerCost Monitor™ WiFi Gateway and TED 5000 Gateway™ and connected to People Power's analysis software, People Power 1.0 delivers useful energy information to your Smartphone at home or anywhere, anytime.

Users can also share their energy usage information and good deeds on Facebook.

Feature List:

  • Monitor your past, present and projected energy use in real-time.
  • Control your bill with an energy budget that puts your home on an energy diet.
  • Compare your energy consumption to statistical averages in your country and abroad.
  • Compete in our energy quiz and move your way to the top of the leader-board.
  • Upgrade to more energy efficiency following our recommendations and deals on green products.
  • Show your friends how green you are by posting your energy use and quiz rank to Facebook.

There are three ways the app can monitor real-time energy use:

  • Blue Line PowerCost Monitor 28000
  • TED 5000 Series
  • Use our house (Real data from our sample house.)


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