Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy: The Business Response to Climate Change

From Open Energy Information

"Based on a nationwide survey of over 400 of the larger and more active and engaged companies, we draw some unique insights into business perspectives and sensitivities on energy and carbon management. There are some positive findings: businesses have faith in climate science, they are highly aware of the options for reducing energy use and carbon footprints, and there is confidence in the economic opportunities associated with doing so. But there are also some causes for concern: confidence in government targets is low, there is restricted access to capital and management time, and the networks for learning are at times poorly developed. Put all of this together and we see a mixed picture: the prospects for incremental change are good, but the prospects for radical change are much lower. The firms that expect the most seem to have some characteristics that separate them from the firms that expect lower levels of change. Developing policies that reflect these diverse perspectives and that target policy interventions and support in the most effective and efficient ways are key priorities."


  1.  "Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy: The Business Response to Climate Change"