Pakistan-Technical Assistance to PDMA Punjab in Incorporating Climate Compatibility Considerations into Reconstruction and Village Development Planning

From Open Energy Information

Climate volatility and climate-related disasters are a major concern for Pakistan. The Punjab Provincial Disaster Management Authority has requested CDKN’s support to help with bringing climate resilience into post-disaster reconstruction plans in the region. CDKN Asia will prepare guidelines for climate compatible reconstruction in hazard-prone areas of the province, and assess the climate compatibility of villages that are currently being planned. There is a critical need for this guidance – no such tools or services are currently available to Pakistani decision-makers.

The proposed support forms part of CKDN’s mission to provide developing countries with access to information and advice on climate compatible development (CCD). The aim of CDKN Asia’s programme is to support disaster-resilient and low-carbon growth practices in the region, and to assist policy-makers in integrating CCD with national and local development agendas.

CDKN intends to channel learning from the project into the Punjab Government’s broader policy processes, especially its preparation of official disaster guidelines and response planning.


  1.  "Planning for climate compatible reconstruction and rural development"