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Last modified on February 12, 2015.

Financial Incentive Program

Place California

Name Pacific Power - FinAnswer Express
Incentive Type Utility Rebate Program
Applicable Sector Agricultural, Commercial, Fed. Government, Industrial, Institutional, Local Government, Nonprofit, State Government
Eligible Technologies Agricultural Equipment, Building Insulation, Ceiling Fan, Central Air conditioners, Chillers, Clothes Washers, Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building, Compressed air, Custom/Others pending approval, Dishwasher, Equipment Insulation, Heat pumps, Heat recovery, Lighting, Lighting Controls/Sensors, Motor VFDs, Motors, Processing and Manufacturing Equipment, Programmable Thermostats, Refrigerators, Roofs, Water Heaters, Windows, Geothermal Heat Pumps, LED Lighting, Small Compressed Air, Dairy/Farm Equipment, HVAC Occupancy Sensors
Active Incentive Yes
Implementing Sector Utility
Energy Category Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs, Renewable Energy Incentive Programs
Amount T-8 Lighting Fixtures: $3-$7

T-8 Delamping: $21
T-8/T-5 Relamping: $0.25/lamp
T-8/T-5 HighBay: $20/lamp
T-5 Lighting Fixtures: $5
CFL Fixtures: $5
Cold Cathode (Screw In): $5
Ceramic Metal Halide Fixtures: $35
Pulse Start Metal Halide Fixtures: $60
Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballast: $20
Induction Fixtures: $125/unit
LED Screw In/Recessed Downlight: $10
LED Outdoor/Roadway/High-Low Bay: $100/unit
Lighting Controllers: $75/sensor or $150
Dimming Ballast: $15/ballast
Signage: Varies
ECM Motor Retrofit: $0.50/watt (Refrigeration); $50/HP (HVAC)
Variable Frequency Drives: $65/HP
Green Motor Rewinds: $1/HP
Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps: $25-$75/ton
PTAC/PTHP Controls: $50/controller
Ground Source Heat Pump Loop: $25/ton
Evaporative Cooling: $0.06/ISR CF; $0.12/kWh plus $50/kW
Chillers: $0.12/kWh plus $50/kW
Programmable Thermostat: $150
Occupancy Based PTAC/PTHP Controls: $50/controller
Wall Insulation: $0.10/sq. ft.
Roof/Attic Insulation: $0.08/sq. ft.
Windows: $0.34/sq. ft.
Commercial Dishwasher: $500-$2000
Commercial Cooking Equipment: $200 - $1,000
Ice Machines: $125-$400
LED Case Lighting: $10/ln. ft.
Refrigerator: $50-$150
Refrigerated Vending Machine: $150
Clothes Washer: $150 - $200
Room Air Conditioner: $30
Electric Water Heater: $50
Agricultural Equipment: Varies
Network Power Management: $7/PC
Smart Plug Strip: $15/unit
Custom and Chillers: $0.10/kwh saved, up to 70% of cost

Equipment Requirements New Construction: Must exceed code by at least 10%

Maximum Incentive General: 70% of energy efficiency project cost

If incentive brings the simple payback below one year, the incentive is reduced so the simple payback equals one year.

Program Administrator Pacific Power

References DSIRE[1]


Pacific Power's FinAnswer Express Program includes incentives and technical assistance for lighting, HVAC and other equipment upgrades that increase energy efficiency and exceed code requirements in commercial and industrial facilities. Both retrofits of existing equipment and new construction projects are eligible. For retrofits, the utility may need to verify existing equipment. Rebates may also be available for custom efficiency projects; interested customers should call Pacific Power for more information. Additional restrictions apply, customers should see program documentation for complete rules and procedures. Contact Pacific Power for additional details or visit the program web site listed above.

Incentive Contact

Contact Name Pacific Power
Department Pacific Power

Place Portland, Oregon
Zip/Postal Code 97232
Phone (800) 222-4335


  • Incentive and policy data are reviewed and approved by the N.C. Solar Center's DSIRE project staff.[1]


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