PV Solarico

From Open Energy Information

The large financial and solar technology based companies in the United States are dedicated to allocate enterprise entrepreneurship industrial development funds in the Renewable Energy “RE” activities, which are aimed at being regulated by the State and Federal bodies. These funds are made available to start entrepreneurial Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) ventures that will operate in a set of sustainable metrics for entrepreneurs nationwide, with the aim of expanding employment and empowering women.

Some objectives of these financial institutions and public companies that are investing in Photovoltaic “PV” Solar Systems are social, sustainable, efficient, and reliable sources of electricity production. Unfortunately, both consistency and nationwide harmonized policy standards in allocating such funds and financial incentives to the next generation of entrepreneurs will be challenging and different from one region to another.

This page I created is for the purpose of investigating these metrics to reach a sustainable financing tools t o be offered to the public via their local banks. I have created a value index, in order to achieve the sustainable fund structures for solar SME that would reduce investment risk and provide an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) metrics to rate the existing Solar “RE” companies and display the weight of the key risk factors. A mobile application which I named "PV Solarico"on Apple and Android platform was developed to aid in the calculation and performance analysis.

Thank you Dr. Nidal Alsayyed Senior PV Solar Design Engineer & Developer Lamar University Texas, USA nalsayyed@lamar.edu