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Advisory Committees

The Hydropower Foundation is working with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on an effort to support U.S. workforce growth and attract students to work in the hydropower and marine energy sectors to meet industry needs and spur innovation. A key focus of this effort is to develop and disseminate STEM-based educational materials to help educators and students understand water power technologies and careers.

This work includes advisory committees for hydropower and marine energy, which contribute on workforce and educational topics such as attracting top talent to the industry, educational curricula, and the hydropower academic landscape. The objectives of this research effort are to:

  • Influence the way hydropower and marine energy technologies are integrated into academic programs across multiple STEM disciplines by providing educators with tools and resources to include hydropower and marine energy technologies into their curricula.
  • Increase the number of professors who are teaching, conducting research, and promoting marine energy and hydropower as a career path, and, in turn, students actively working in the field.
  • Stimulate new marine energy designs, software tools, and advanced manufacturing techniques by engaging students in out-of-the-box problems from undergraduate through graduate work through the U.S. Department of Energy Marine Energy Collegiate Competition .
  • Motivate and foster relationships across the marine energy and hydropower sectors to ensure long-term water power-focused educational programs, increased networking, and employment opportunities.
  • Initiate the development of hydropower-focused STEM materials while updating and advancing similar materials for marine energy.
  • Complete and update studies that work to better understand and articulate the needs and opportunities associated with careers in hydropower and marine energy.
  • Expand the educational information resources to match what is available for other energy sectors while demonstrating that hydropower and marine energy are viable, forward-looking, clean technologies with promising career potential.

Charter for the Marine Energy Advisory Committee

Advisors are asked to contribute their knowledge of workforce and educational topics related to the marine energy industry. Advisors are also asked to contribute ideas on workforce attractors, gaps in curricula for water power-based career paths, and mechanisms that could be used to attract new talent to the most pressing needs of the water power sector. Advisors are not expected to contribute monetarily but rather to lend expertise and ideas.

Time Commitment

Advisors commit 1-2 hours of review time monthly over 1 year and participate in an annual stakeholder forum. At the end of each year, advisors will be asked to renew their commitment for the next work phase.

if you are interested in participating in the advisory committee.