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Duddon Estuary Tidal Lagoon

The gateways will incorporate 132 30MW tidal range turbines in prefabricated turbine houses to harness the vast renewable energy of the large tidal range – up to 10m – in Morecambe Bay and the Duddon Estuary. These turbines are estimated to produce 8,000,000 MWh of electricity per year, approximately equal to the existing Heysham Nuclear Power Station. This equates to 7% of the North West’s electricity requirement or 2% of the country’s requirement, and enough for 2,000,000 homes

Additional Information
Project Status
Is the project actively being planned or is deployed in the water (active)? Or was the project canceled or completed (inactive)?
Project Life Cycle
Energy Resource
  • Tidal
Project Scale
Max Rated Power Capacity
The maximum amount of electricity that can be produced by project, based on available resources and device nameplate capacity.
3960 MW
Grid Connectivity
Number of Devices
Morecambe Bay and the Duddon Estuary, Irish Sea
Site Characteristics
Geographic characterization for the project location:

- Open Ocean: Main body of ocean, not enclosed or partially enclosed by land
- Coastal: Open water near the coast, spanning between land and shelf boundary
- Enclosed Bay: water that is partially surrounded by land, with a mouth open to larger water
- Constricted Channel: A channel where water flows quickly due to narrowing by the land

- River: Water flowing from land towards a larger body of water
Enclosed Bay
United Kingdom