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modified dateJun 01, 2020


Submission Information

WEC-Sim (Wave Energy Converter SIMulator) is an open-source code for simulating wave energy converters. The code is developed in MATLAB/SIMULINK using the multi-body dynamics solver Simscape Multibody. WEC-Sim has the ability to model devices that are comprised of rigid bodies, joints, power take-off systems, and mooring systems. Simulations are performed in the time-domain by solving the governing wave energy converter equations of motion in 6 degrees-of-freedom.
Submission Type Public Repo (e.g. public git repo)
Tag(s) energy, wave simulation, MRE, modeling, wave energy converter simulation, wecsim, wecSIm, wec-sim
Author(s) Kelley Ruehl
Organization Sandia National Laboratories
Primary Contact Yi-Hsiang Yu and Kelley Ruehl
Email Address;

License and Development Status

origination dateJul 15, 2014

License TypeApache License 2.0

Development Status Active
Dependencies MATLAB, Simulink, Simscape, and Simscape Multibody

MRE Applicability and Technology Types

MRE Technology Type Wave
Signature Project WEC-Sim