Overlooked Geothermal Resource Opportunities In Nicaragua

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Conference Paper: Overlooked Geothermal Resource Opportunities In Nicaragua

The volcanic cordillera of Nicaragua includes at least three areas that have been explored for geothermal resources and are without existing geothermal concessions, yet which are standout candidates for potential development: the Casita-San Cristobal volcanic complex, the Chiltepe Peninsula, and the Masaya- Granada-Nandaime area. All three areas have young to active volcanism and multiple surface thermal manifestations, and all present adequate to favorable accessibility and logistics for development. Estimated potential recoverable energy reserves are in excess of 200 MWe at Casita, at least 100 MWe at Chiltepe, and more than 150 MWe at the Apoyo complex in Masaya-Granada- Nandaime. The level of potential heat reserves associated with the young volcanism is much greater. Any or all of the three areas are attractive targets for further investigation, either by commercial developers or by nonprofit entities seeking to further advance the utilization of renewable energy resources in Central America..

R. C. Hennebergerl, Christopher W. Klein and Guevara A. Gioconda

GRC, 2002

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R. C. Hennebergerl,Christopher W. Klein,Guevara A. Gioconda. 2002. Overlooked Geothermal Resource Opportunities In Nicaragua. In: (!) ; (!) ; (!) . (!) : GRC; p. (!)