Our Evolving Knowledge Of Nevada's Geothermal Resource Potential

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Conference Paper: Our Evolving Knowledge Of Nevada's Geothermal Resource Potential

The Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy (GBCGE) is conducting site-specific and regional geothermal research both in direct collaboration with industry (typically site-specific) and independently (typically regional exploration), communicating findings with public and industrial partners. These studies are research-oriented and are developing new tools for assessing existing geothermal systems and discovering new geothermal systems. Research directed towards new geothermal discoveries includes: 1) development of portable, efficient systems of measuring shallow ground temperatures, 2) structural analysis of the controls of existing geothermal systems and development of conceptual models of such controls, 3) use of multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing to identify borates, sulfates, and other geothermal mineral indicators, 4) assessment of cold spring major and trace element geochemistries to identify thermal water contributions, 5) collaboration with the mining industry to publicize new geothermal discoveries encountered during mineral exploration drilling, and 6) development of new mathematical techniques for integrating diverse exploration data into regional predictive models of geothermal potential. These efforts have collectively been highly successful in identifying new geothermal resources.

Lisa Shevenell, Mark F. Coolbaugh, Chris Sladek, Rick Zehner, Chris Kratt, James E. Faulds and Robin Penfield

GRC Annual Meeting; Reno, NV; 2008/10/05

Geothermal Resources Council, 2008

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Lisa Shevenell,Mark F. Coolbaugh,Chris Sladek,Rick Zehner,Chris Kratt,James E. Faulds,Robin Penfield. 2008. Our Evolving Knowledge Of Nevada's Geothermal Resource Potential. In: Transactions. GRC Annual Meeting; 2008/10/05; Reno, NV. Davis, CA: Geothermal Resources Council; p. 169-173

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