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The OAS Department of Sustainable Development’s Energy and Climate Change Mitigation Section (ECCM) is the principle source for technical assistance within the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States to address evolving needs regarding sustainable energy and climate change mitigation in its Member States located in the Americas.


The primary mission of the Energy and Climate Change Mitigation Section also known as the OAS Energy Team is to support the development and use of sustainable energy technologies and services within OAS member states. The OAS Energy Team seeks to enable OAS member states to implement policies, laws, strategies, and actions for the advancement of sustainable energy geared towards meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own energy needs. The achievement of this mission is inherent to the fulfillment of the purposes of the Charter of the Organization of American States, including strengthen the peace and security; promote and consolidate democracy; promote economic, social, and cultural development; and eradicate extreme poverty (Article 2, Charter of the Organization of American States).

Strategic Goals[edit]

To contribute to the (i) advancement of energy security, (ii) the reduction of the impact of fossil fuels market fluctuations, and (iii) the lowering of carbon emissions throughout the region by generating and strengthening regional markets for cleaner and renewable energy, and fostering the exchange of information and experiences pertaining to sustainable energy.


The OAS Energy Team seeks to meet its goals by:

Increasing the availability of funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives, projects and programs by fostering the development of financial mechanisms that support increased private and public investment (contributes to goals i, ii, and iii);

Promoting market transformation through the reform of laws, regulations, plans and policies that favor sustainable energy approaches (contributes to goals i, ii, and iii);

Supporting the development of human and institutional capacity essential for the development, use and management of sustainable energy systems (contributes to goal i);

Strengthening collaborative efforts among governments, businesses, and international donors (contributes to goal i);

Transitioning away from fossil fuel-based energy toward cleaner domestically available sources of energy (contributes to goal ii), and

Improving energy efficiency (goals i, ii, and iii).

The OAS Department of Sustainable Development functions also as the Clearinghouse for the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA).

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