Orange County, California

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Orange County, California: Energy Profile

Orange County is a county in California. Its FIPS County Code is 059.

It is classified as ASHRAE 169-2006 Climate Zone Number 3 Climate Zone Subtype B.

US Recovery Act Smart Grid Projects in Orange County, California

  1. City of Anaheim Smart Grid Project

Registered Energy Companies in Orange County, California

  1. 808 Investments LLC
  2. Access Fund Partners LP
  3. Affiliated International Management (AIM)
  4. Ammonix
  5. Amonix Inc
  6. Axio Power
  7. Bannockburn Capital LTD
  8. BioCentric Energy Inc formerly Nano Chemical Systems Holdings
  9. BlueFire Ethanol
  10. Calgren Renewable Fuels LLC
  11. CarbonMicro
  12. Ceradyne Inc
  13. Clarey Capital
  14. Composite Technology Corporation
  15. Cosmos Energy Corporation
  16. DRI Companies
  17. Diatom Corp
  18. EPS Corp
  19. EU Energy Renewables Ltd now part of DeWind
  20. Earthanol
  21. Energy and Power Solutions
  22. EnviroTech Financial
  23. Equinox Carbon Equities LLC
  24. FirmGreen Energy Inc FGE
  25. Fisker Automotive Inc
  26. FlueGen Inc
  27. Fuel Systems Solutions Inc
  28. GCube
  29. GenSelf Corp
  30. GreenHomes America
  31. Inland Energy Inc
  32. Integrated Energy Systems
  33. International Solar Consulting
  34. Kebaili Corp
  35. L Garde Inc
  36. Lumeta Inc
  38. Microsemi Corp
  39. Mitsubishi Electric and Electronics USA Inc
  40. Nautilus Renewables
  41. New Millennium Power
  42. ORYXE Energy International Inc
  43. Pacific Fuel Cell Corp PFCE
  44. Progressive Lighting And Energy Solutions Inc
  45. Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc Quantum Technologies
  46. QuantumSphere Inc
  47. QuantumSphere, Inc.
  48. Quercus Trust David Gelbaum Private investor
  49. Radiant Technology Corporation RTC
  50. Real Goods Solar Fullerton
  51. Scheuten Solar USA Inc
  52. Selsam Innovations aka Selsam Superturbine
  53. Sharp Electronics Corporation USA
  54. SolBeam Inc
  55. Solar Monkey
  56. Sustainable Energy Capital Partners SECP
  57. US National Fuel Cell Research Center NFCRC
  58. Utility Savings & Refund, LLC
  59. Wader LLC
  60. WePOWER
  61. Western Ethanol Company LLC
  62. Wind Energy Group WEG
  63. XsunX Inc formerly Sun River Mining Inc

Registered Financial Organizations in Orange County, California

  1. SAIL Venture Partners (California)

Utility Companies in Orange County, California

  1. City of Anaheim, California (Utility Company)