Open Ocean Aquaculture & Wave Energy Site

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Basic Specifications
Facility Name Open Ocean Aquaculture & Wave Energy Site
Overseeing Organization University of New Hampshire Hydrodynamics
Hydrodynamic Testing Facility Type Offshore Berth

Depth(m) 52.0
Cost(per day) Contact POC
Special Physical Features The Offshore Mooring System is placed in 52m water depth with a subsurface attachment grid at 20m. The entire mooring system covers 36 acres of bottom. There are four 'bays' into which devices can be attached. Each bay is approximately 130m on a side. There is a database with ~10 years of wave data and other environmental parameters available.
Towing Capabilities
Towing Capabilities None

Wavemaking Capabilities
Wavemaking Capabilities Yes
Maximum Wave Height(m) 11.0

Wave Period Range(s) 0.0
Current Velocity Range(m/s) 0.0
Programmable Wavemaking No

Simulated Beach No
Channel/Tunnel/Flume None

Wind Capabilities
Wind Capabilities None

Control and Data Acquisition
Cameras None

Data Generation Capability
Real-Time No

Test Services
Test Services None

Special Characteristics
Special Characteristics Yes
Specializations, Capabilities, and Key
Facility Attributes Not Covered Elsewhere
There are instrumented buoys for measuring environmental forcing and in-situ self-recording load cells and motion instrumentation packages that are associated with this site. They are available for use.

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