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This page is used to track outstanding work in the OpenEnergyInfo project. For lower-level TODO tasks which are tied to specific pages, see Category:Articles with outstanding TODO tasks.

Outstanding general tasks

  1. Provide direct references from our articles to our Linked Open Data URIs.
  2. Finalize naming and branding.
    1. Logo
    2. favicon
  3. Develop supplemental videos and screencasts.
    1. Informational (how to use the Wiki)
    2. Promotional (why you should use the Wiki)
  4. Ensure that we have at least one feature-quality article in every major category.
  5. Develop a project FAQ.
  6. Add some kind of task categorization mechanism to our TODO Template.
    It'd be nice, for example, to be able to group together all "graphics" tasks so that people with artistic skills could easily find the areas where we need their help most.
  7. Add some kind of "invisible mode" to our TODO Template.
    In some cases, we may want to flag an article as needing some specific work, but don't want it to display the associated banner notice. (For example, we'd probably never want the banner to appear on the Main Page, but we certainly may want to flag work there.)
  8. Ensure each article's name is shown in bold, if included in the first sentence of its content (which it should be).
    We'd like to do this to follow Wikipedia's formatting guidelines (Wikipedia:Lead_section#Format_of_the_first_sentence). Note that most of our city pages, in particular, do not currently follow this convention.
  9. Ensure that each of our articles has a good lead section and topic sentence.
    Our topic sentences, in particular, need to describe what the subject is and why it's notable (to paraphrase Wikipedia's guidelines in this area).
  10. Start holding "editing parties" to show others how to contribute to the Wiki.
    We can model this off of similar programs. in various community-based mapping efforts. For example, Google Map Maker has some particularly detailed instructions.
  11. Develop some kind of "help wanted" capability to highlight certain areas where we would particularly like to see community contributions.
    It would be nice if we could define specific near-term goals (such as "create pages for all major publically-available energy datasets") and highlight them via this kind of mechanism.
  12. Develop a publicity plan for the Wiki and overall project.
  13. Create a publicly-accessible email list (and encourage people to join it, during the Wiki registration flow).
    Optimally, this should also have publicly-accessible archives.
  14. Create templates for tracking individual resources' copyright and licensing terms.
  15. Remove dependencies on externally-hosted resources which have caused uptime issues (including CSS, JavaScript, images, etc.)
  16. Need a better way to initiate the clearing of our front-end proxies' caches.
  17. Update our Renewable Portfolio Standard information to use semantic properties.
  18. Create a nice template to use on property pages (which would describe the property's meaning, example usage, etc.)
  19. Consider including more namespaces (such as "Gateway") in default searches.
    See: MediaWiki documentation: $wgNamespacesToBeSearchedDefault.
  20. Make our pages look good when printed.
  21. Contribute Page
    1. Create a gateway (or other) page with generalized and user-friendly guidance for contributing to the project. (linked from the main page?)
    2. Link to add a new page (without a form)
      1. Provide some kind of "article wizard" capability.
    3. Link to add a new page (with form)
    4. show Help Wanted, TODO and Stub pages ("Start here to help")
    5. "contribute" icon available in icons sprite.
  22. Special:Ask page bugs
    1. Why do maps and other format types not work?
  23. Navigation Improvements
    1. Perhaps move wiki tabs to navigation (drop-down) menu?
    2. Any other suggestions?
  24. Semantic (Google) Maps
    1. marker cluster for maps with many markers
    2. integrate this into Maps wiki extension
  25. Semantic Result Formats
    1. Clicking on Google Visualizations map needs a JS callback to do something interesting.
  26. Evaluate MediaWiki 1.16
    1. new wiki edit toolbar
    2. install once stable release is available
  27. Evaluate Halo

Outstanding category-specific tasks

  1. Incentives (Gateway:Incentives)
    1. improved UI and navigation, discovery.
    2. Change place on incentives to more specific city, county where possible.
  2. Institutional Categories (such as Category:Companies)
    1. Document an approach for handling institutions which have multiple subsidiaries and/or operating locations
    2. Address information in form should be more international friendly
      1. zip code -> postal code
      2. city, state -> city, state/prov
      3. add Country field?
    3. Add field(s) to accommodate tax credit data for "green jobs"
      1. see this thread
  3. Energy Generation Facilities (Category:Energy Generation Facilities)
    1. javascript widget for form to hide:
      1. Only display HeatRate for !Biomass
      2. Only display WindTurbineManufacturer for !Wind
  4. Utility Rate data (from Solar group)
  5. Gateway:Transportation
  6. Gateway:Biomass

Outstanding article-specific tasks

  1. See Category:Articles with outstanding TODO tasks.