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Below is a list of topics which have been identified as candidates for new OpenEI pages. Please help OpenEI by starting one or more of these pages. To get more ideas for new pages, see Special:WantedPages.

Topic Subtopic Page Name Notes
technologies Renewable energy
technologies biofuels Biofuel
technologies biofuels Algae fuel
technologies biofuels Biodiesel The current incentives-focused content should be moved.
technologies biofuels Bioethanol The current incentives-focused content should be moved.
technologies biofuels Cellulosic ethanol
technologies biofuels Ethanol The current incentives-focused content should be moved.
technologies Carbon Storage Carbon sequestration
technologies Carbon Capture Post Combustion
technologies Carbon Capture Pre Combustion
technologies Carbon Capture Oxy-Fuel Combustion
technologies Carbon Capture Chemical Looping
technologies coal Coal
technologies coal Clean Coal
technologies coal Coal power
technologies coal Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)
technologies coal Peak coal
technologies distribution Electrical grid
technologies distribution Smart grid
technologies geothermal Geothermal power
technologies hydropower Hydropower
technologies nuclear Nuclear energy
technologies petroleum Petroleum
technologies petroleum Natural gas
technologies petroleum Oil
technologies petroleum Oil shale
technologies petroleum Peak gas
technologies petroleum Peak oil
technologies storage Energy storage
technologies storage Fuel cell
technologies storage Electrical battery
technologies storage Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)
technologies storage Pumped Hydro
technologies storage Fly Wheels
technologies transportation Transportation
technologies transportation Electric vehicle
technologies transportation Hybrid electric vehicle
technologies transportation Hydrogen vehicle
technologies transportation Natural gas vehicle
regulations transportation Corporate Average Fuel Economy Cover the United States' CAFE regulations.
technologies wind Wind power
technologies wind Wind turbine