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This page is used to coordinate the plans to collect energy data, tools, models, and other digital assets (that have appropriate licensing terms) within OpenEI.

Goals, Tips, and Strategies

We met our goal for December 2010 -- 100 datasets -- and we surpassed it!. Let's continue to add datasets available in the lists below, including the "General Resources" list. We still want to identify and keep track of NREL datasets, so if you know of any, please add them to the list.

  • Suggested Process
  1. When you decide to "take on" a dataset in the list, please update the status to "in progress" plus your initials
  2. Decide whether you can manually add the dataset(s) or if it is more appropriate for a developer (and make a note of it in the "Status" column):
    1. Generally, you can manually enter the dataset(s) if there are 5 or less datasets for the particular subject, and you're able to download those datasets.
    2. A developer would be better for resources that ave numerous datasets all associated with a single topic (e.g., monthly data for several years, or data for all major cities in a particular country), because hopefully they can determine a way to automate the upload of the many files.
  3. Be sure to check the license and/or terms and conditions; in a few cases there may be explicit restrictions prohibiting us from adding the data to our site (e.g. IEA). In such cases, please make a note of that in the "notes" section.
  4. Think about whether the dataset is a good candidate for linking with other things in the wiki, or could produce an interesting visual; if so, add "wiki opportunity:plus some details" in the "notes" section.
  5. As you read through the metadata for uploading to OpenEI, think about how you rate the dataset.
  6. Once the dataset is live on OpenEI:
    1. Update the status below to the actual link to the dataset
    2. Rate the dataset

Inventory of Specific Resources

Source Topic Target Notes Status
Australian Government solar Australian Average Daily Solar Exposure (specific example: [1]); note: their terms might not be sufficient to do
BP general Statistical Review of World Energy 2010 On hold until licensing info is obtained: Graham
BLM geothermal BLM GIS Data: Geothermal Completed: Graham
California Energy Commission electricity Electricity Consumption By Entity / By County / By Planning Area Completed:TAW
California Energy Commission natural gas Natural Gas Consumption By Entity / By County / By Planning Area Completed:TAW
California Energy Commission oil and gas Weekly Database for Refinery Production and Output Completed through 2010, need to revisit for 2011 file:TAW
California Energy Commission solar California Solar Statistics Should probably get both their "working data set" and "raw data set" into OpenEI
Canadian Geothermal Energy Association geothermal Canadian Geothermal Energy Association: Member Project Database (would need to copy&paste data or contact the association to ask for actual data) to do
Colorado State University wind Colorado ALP Sites and Wind Data to do
DOE biomass Biomass Feedstock Composition and Property Database (may need to contact site owners to ask for data dump[s]?) to do
DOE buildings Buildings Energy Data Book (Excel files, such as [2]) to do
DOE efficiency FEMP Standby Power Data Center (select "Project Type: All" -> "Search" -> "Export to Excel") to do
DOE general DOE Recovery Act Awardess and Financial Activities Completed: Graham
DOE general DOE Office of PBA: Energy Intensity Data to do
DOE oil and gas Data Summary from Deepwater Horizon (specific example: to do
DOE other Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology Database to do
DOT transportation U.S. Department of Transportation Motor Fuel Statistics in progress: Graham
DOT transportation U.S. Department of Transportation: National Transportation Statistics (are these all relevant?) to do
EERE buildings High Performance Buildings Database to do
EERE CHP Database of U.S. CHP Installations (would need to use copy&paste to extract data) OR (appears to be newer data?) to do
EIA coal U.S. Coal Reserves: 1997 Update (see also: [3]) to do
EIA general EIA Annual Energy Outlook (specifically 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 data, etc); note: this is priority data for Hydra and other NREL projects In progress: Jackie (2011 & 2010 complete)
EIA general EIA State Energy Data System (SEDS) Only the "Consolidated Data File" ([4] and [5]) has been started (JRW); still need volunteers to work on other parts of this data
EPA electricity Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRID) (also [6]) uploaded (JRW); may still want other subsets of this data, older versions, etc.
EPA buildings ENERGY STAR Labeled Buildings and Plants See: page (particularly the 2008 and 2009 Excel spreadsheets) Completed:TAW
EPA financial Renewable Energy Cost Database completed - Graham
EPA biomass EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program: Energy Projects and Candidate Landfills (click on a state in their map to get a corresponding Excel file, such as [7]) in progress: JRW
EPA biomass EPA Anaerobic Digester Database (appears to list projects that convert manure into energy?) to do
EPA transportation Fuel Economy Data to do
European Commission transportation Clean Vehicle Portal (would need to contact them to arrange some data dump procedure?) to do
European Commission solar Helioclim-3 Data to do
European Commission efficiency Energy Efficiency Indicators in Europe to do
FAA wind Obstruction Evaluation / Airport Airspace Analysis (OE/AAA) Essentially a repository of all tall structures in the U.S. We could mine this for any records mentioning "wind farm" (or similar) to do
FTC appliances Appliance Energy Data Completed:TAW
Geo-Heat Center geothermal Western States Geothermal Databases CD (may need to inquire about usage terms, plus order a CD?) to do
Government of Alaska general Alaska Geospatial Data Clearinghouse to do
Government of Minnesota wind Minnesota Wind Data (and Maps) to do
Government of Ohio infrastructure Ohio GIS Data: Energy to do
Government of Texas oil and gas Texas GIS Data: Energy to do
Government of Utah general Utah GIS Data: Energy to do
Government of New Zealand general New Zealand Energy End Use Database in progress, KCH
Government of Singapore solar National Solar Repository of Singapore: Systems Database on hold; sent email to inquire about licensing (KCH).
IEA oil,gas,electricity Surveys Free for Download postpone; restricted use
INL hydropower State Hydropower Resource Assessment Reports (specific examples: [8], [9]); would either need to contact site owners for data, or write a bot to scrape their HTML pages? to do
INL wind Idaho Wind Data to do
INL wind Utah Wind Data to do
INL geothermal State Geothermal Resource Maps the "e00" files (such as [10] contain GIS data for the maps; might want to talk to NREL GIS analysts to understand how to best use and present these files) to do
International Energy Forum oil and gas Joint Oil Data Initiative to do
LBNL general China Energy Databook (mentions a "relational database" offering; sounds like we may need to order their CD?) to do
LBNL utilities Tracking the Reliability of the U.S. Electric Power System (would either need to contact report's author to ask for underlying data, or manually extract the summary tables' data from the report ourselves) to do
LBNL solar Circumsolar Radiation Data: The LBL Reduced Database to do
NASA solar Surface meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE) to do
NASA general NASA Earth Observations (click on the "energy" tab) to do
NCSL policies Energy and Environment Legislation Tracking Database to do
NETL coal NETL's 2007 Coal Power Plant DataBase (and particularly: to do
NETL gasification Worldwide Gasification Database (also: to do
NETL carbon capture NETL Carbon Capture and Storage Database to do
NETL oil and gas US Heavy Oil Database: Largest 500 Plus Reservoirs to do
NOAA wind Integrated Surface Data (ISD) Wind Summaries to do
NREL electricity Green Power Network (and underlying database); contact: Jim Leyshon stalled waiting on input from the EPA people who originally requested this(JRW)
NREL gis Geospatial Toolkit All data included with the Geospatial Toolkit is open data; contact: Ted Quimby in progress: JRW
NREL materials U.S. Life Cycle Inventory Database to do
NREL renewables Clean Energy Data Book for States Public data was used to produce this book; Contact: Rachel Gelman; added by KCH Dec-2010. uploaded
NREL renewables Renewable Energy Data Book Public data was used to produce this book; Contact: Rachel Gelman; added by KCH Dec-2010. uploaded
NREL solar Perez Solar Data Can be downloaded from the Solar Prospector application to do
NREL solar Open PV Solar Installations Perform unbounded search in Open PV, then select "Export to CSV" to do
NREL solar NASA Remote Sensing Validation (Solar Radiation): Saudi Arabia Needs a Developer; talk to KC
NREL solar Cooperative Networks for Renewable resource Measurements - Solar Resource Data to do
NREL solar World Radiation Data Centre to do
NREL transportation Transportation Incentives and Laws to do
NREL wind Eastern Wind Dataset to do
NREL wind Western Wind Dataset to do
NREL wind State Wind Resource Potential Tables (specific examples: wind_potential_80m_30percent.xls and wind_potential.xls) wind_potential_80m_30percent.xls is done (both in its original form and an RDF translation); wind_potential.xls is in progress (JRW)
NREL wind Small Wind Turbine Independent Testing (specific example: to do
ORNL buildings DOE/CE-0180 2008, Insulation Fact Sheet (extract data from tables, similar to what's shown at to do
Pittsburgh Business Times oil and gas Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Drilling Permits (may want to instead go directly to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, which is noted as the original source) to do
PNNL buildings 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) to do
Purdue University general GTAP Research: Energy (see, for example under Energy Volume Data) to do
PVGIS solar Solar radiation and PV potential summary for EU member states (particularly the xls file, though the GIS raster data may also be appropriate) to do
PVGIS solar PVGIS Listing of Solar Radiation Databases (beyond its own) to do
SMU Geothermal Laboratory geothermal Geothermal Data Files (see also [11] and [12]) to do
State of Hawaii general Hawaii Monthly Energy Data Maybe Revisit later. Appears to need permission to use.
U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change wind U.K. Windspeed Database uploaded
United Nations general United Nations Energy Statistics (terms look good: "All data and metadata provided on UNdata’s website are available free of charge and may be copied freely, duplicated and further distributed provided that UNdata is cited as the reference."); see also: in progress: Graham
University of Colorado general ISEA database of International Energy Treaties postpone; talk to source
University of North Dakota geothermal Global Heat Flow Ddatabase / Needs a Developer; talk to KC
University of Texas electricity UT Austin Energy Data; added by KCH Dec-2010. uploaded
University of Utah geothermal GIS Data: Geothermal to do
U.S. Department of Energy general RMOTC Data (may need to order CDs?); also see: requested data from RMOTC (01/11/11), KCH
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission nuclear U.S. Commercial Nuclear Power Reactors uploaded, KCH
USGS oil and gas Wyoming Oil and Gas Assessment: Map and Web Services Developer Needed; talk to KCH
USGS oil and gas National Oil and Gas Assessment: Supporting Data uploaded, KCH
USGS oil and gas USGS Energy Resources Program Geochemistry Data Base (see also uploaded, KCH
World Bank general World Bank Data: Energy & Mining - particularly the "download data" zip archives (in xls and csv format) uploaded (JRW)
multiple general Top 12 Countries for Cleantech Innovations (based on analysis of patent records) (would need to extract data from table via copy&paste) (see also: news article) in progress, KCH
private individual efficiency Dataset on Baltimore home energy costs (appears to just cover one home in Baltimore) to do
TBD general National Material Capabilities ("contains annual values for total population, urban population, iron and steel production, energy consumption, military personnel, and military expenditure of all state members, currently from 1816-2001") to do
TBD general Sectoral Energy- and Labour-Productivity Convergence to do
TBD general North Carolina GIS Data: Utilities and Communications to do
TBD geothermal Geothermal Energy Data Links to do
TBD wind New England Wind Resource Data to do
TBD coal Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership: Data to do

Inventory of General Sources

Source Topic Target Notes Status
Alaska Energy Authority general Alaska Energy Resources Data uploaded, KCH
California Energy Commission general California Energy Almanac and Energy Consumption Data Management System and in progress, KCH
California Public Utilities Commission general Database for Energy Efficient Resources (note: site is strange, currently asking you to login with user: "DEER" and password: "2008") to do general Energy-related datasets from in progress, KCH
DOE fossil fuels DOE Fossil Energy R&D Project Database (may need to contact site owners to get data dump[s]?) to do
DOE general DOE Office of PBA: Databases to do
DOE general DOE Open Government Initiative: High Value Datasets Requires a Developer (talk to KCH)
DOE general DOE Atmospheric System Research Data Requires a Developer (talk to KCH)
DOE geothermal DOE Geothermal Technologies Program: Software and Data to do
DOE hydrogen DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Program: Databases to do
DOE vehicles Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center (AFDC) (specific example: to do
DOE climate change Atmospheric Radiation Measurement to do
Earth Policy Institute general Climate, Energy, and Transportation Data appears to have a lot of interesting data in progress, KCH general Renewable Energy Atlas of the West (also see: to do efficiency EU ENERGY STAR Database (would need to contact site to ask for data export[s]?) to do
EIA general Energy Information Administration / Also, see for list of "high value" DOE datasets (mostly from EIA) in process JAA
ERCOT electricity Electric Reliability Council of Texas (their terms appear to say that raw data can be redistributed, etc) to do (should probably be a priority?)
Eurostat general European Statistics (search for "energy") to do
European Environment Agency general European Data and Maps to do
Gainesville Green electricity Electricity Consumption Data for Households near Gainesville, Florida in progress, KCH
Government of Canada general Canadian National Energy Use Database to do
Government of Estonia general Estonia Energy Statistics to do
Government of India general India Energy Statistics to do
Government of Ireland general Ireland Energy Statistics to do
Government of New Zealand oil and gas Government of New Zealand: Petroleum Data Products in progress, KCH
IAEA nuclear Nuclear Energy Databases to do
Illinois Wind Working Group wind Illinois Wind Working Group: Databases to do
Infochimps general Infochimps: Resources Tagged with "Energy" to do
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources oil and gas Louisiana Energy Facts and Figures to do
Minnesota Geospatial Information Office general Public Utilities Infrastructure Information for Minnesota to do
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities general New Jersey Energy Data Center to do
NETL oil and gas NETL Oil and Gas Databases to do
NETL oil and gas NETL Knowledge Management Database (KMD) (need to determine what data here is relevant to energy) to do
NOAA weather NOAA Free Data (need to determine what data here is relevant to energy) to do
NOAA weather National Weather Service GIS Data Portal to do
NOAA general NOAA Listing of Renewable Energy Data Sources to do
NREL general NREL Public GIS Data in progress (see #NREL_GIS_Data)
NREL wind NREL Wind Systems Integration: Data and Resources to do
NYISO electricity NYISO Market Data See everything under "Market Data" to do
ORNL climate change Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (specific data example: to do
OSTI general DOE Data Explorer to do (should probably be a priority item); note: may need to enter a broad search term (like "energy") to find candidate items
OSTI general OSTI XML Product Data Services to do (should probably be a priority item); likely needs to be broken up into multiple datasets (one for patents, one for conferences, etc)
reegle general Linked Clean Energy Data to do
Royal Thai Government hydropower Databases on Hydropower Energy to do
Statistics New Zealand energy published energy related statistics uploaded, KCH
Texas Railroad Commission oil and gas Online Research Queries to do
U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change general U.K Energy Statistics uploaded, KCH
U.K. Energy Research Centre general U.K. Energy Research Centre: Energy Data Centre in progress, KCH
U.K. National Statistics general U.K. Energy Production and Consumption Statistics uploaded, KCH
U.S. Department of the Interior general Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement: Data Center uploaded, KCH
U.S. Department of the Interior general Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement: Maps and GIS Data uploaded, KCH
USGS general USGS: Energy Program Publications and Data (also see: on hold - KCH (working on above USGS postings first)
United Nations national energy statistics list of National Statistical Offices Websites in progress, KCH
University of California Energy Institute electricity California Electricity Market Data ("Data collection efforts were discontinued as of July 2003"). to do
University of Oregon solar Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory: Solar Data to do renewables Web Services List to do
World Resources Institute general WRI Energy and Resources: Searchable Database to do
Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission oil and gas Wyoming Oil and Gas Data to do
various infrastructure GIS Data Links: Utilities and Communications to do
various general GIS Data Links: General Sources Multiple Sources ([13], [14], [15], [16]); will need to look through each source to see what, if any, of their data is energy-related to do

Inventory of Potential Sources

This list contains resources that have one or more issues that make their suitability for inclusion in OpenEI unclear.

Source Topic Target Notes
California Energy Commission general Glossary of Energy Terms (probably isn't a candidate for datasets, but it could be interesting to leverage elsewhere in OpenEI)
CIA general CIA World Factbook ("look up a specific country and then look under economy, they will report energy usage by fuel type")
DOE buildings HUD Data on Properties Eligible for Weatherization Assistance (may need to contact the authors to get actual datasets?)
DOE general DOE Recovery Act Activities: Communications, Plans and Reports (may be debatable whether some of this is truly energy data)
DOE general DOE Annual NEPA Planning Summaries
DOE hydrogen DOE Hydrogen Program: Production Case Studies (Excel files on this page appear to be models, not data?)
Government of Iceland (?) general Iceland National Energy Authority: Energy Resources Data Viewer (may need to contact site admin to request actual data?)
Government of Portugal general Looks promising, but need someone who speaks Portuguese
IREC general Report: "Freeing the Grid" (extracting data from report tables would be interesting; would probably need to ask for licensing terms) LCA LCA Databases LCA LCA Food Database (click on "download" and/or "database structure"); need to inquire about licensing terms?
LBNL buildings Optics5 Optics5 appears to be a software program that contains embedded data on the performance of windows (see and
NREL financial Renewable Energy Project Finance (more a collection of guidance docs, etc?)
Oklahoma State University wind Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative (OWPI) general Compilation of polls related to the subject of energy (unclear licensing terms?)
RenewableUK wind UK Wind Energy Database (need to ask about licensing terms?) buildings U.K. Low Energy Building Database (need to ask about licensing terms?) transportation Database of Energy Efficiency Design Index (would need to ask them about licensing terms) other Embodied Energy Database: How Much Energy is in Your Stuff?
various general Data Centers That Offer Regional and Global Environmental Data (would need to comb through this to find energy-related resources)
various general Energy-Related GIS Data
various general IBM Many Eyes: Energy Visualizations (select a visualization, then see its "data set" source)
various general GIS Data Links (look for "energy" within the list)

Others (Quick Links)

Data from the 2008 Carbon Sequestration Atlas of the United States and Canada (by NETL)


SWERA GIS and TMY Data (often NREL or others are original source)

See Also


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