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  1. When using Edit with Form, if a company as a relationship with NREL that is categorized as "Other relationship", that information is lost during the edit. In other words, if an existing page shows Relationship Type: Other, when you open up the Edit with Form, the relationship type information (which comes from a drop-down menu) disappears. This only seems to happen with the type Other.
    • Fixed - problem was that the values on the individual pages were set as "Other relationship" instead of "Other Relationship" which is what is used in the form.
  2. We may want to consider allowing multiple entries for Partnership Information. For example, for references, there is a button that says add another reference, maybe we can have something similar for add another partnership? Some companies, such as DuPont, have several different relationships with NREL.
  3. Not all of the Company pages have the green collapsable box called Information About NREL Partnerships. Here is the list of the ones that don't:
  4. Think all web urls should be verified. Found a couple so far which weren't quite correct. For instance, should have been .net instead of .com and some came up with other pages selling the domain so guess I didn't do enough checks on what came back. (TAW)