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Motion Chart Creation for OpenEI Admin

If you are an OpenEI administrator and are interested in creating a motion chart widget, you've come to the right place!

Setting up the Data and Getting Embed Code

The basic information about organizing your data, using Google Docs and Google's motion chart, and getting the embed code (Steps 1 to 3) is available here:Help:Motion_Chart

The next steps are:

Create Your OpenEI Widget

Now that you have your code, its time to set-up your widget:

  • Log-in at OpenEI
  • In the search box, type Widget:Example and replace example with the name of your widget
  • On the next page, click the red link that links to your blank page
The code view you should use to make your widget

On another page in OpenEI, open up the Widget:Motion Chart Visualization of OpenEI Traffic Statistics:

  • Click on edit
  • Copy all of the code in that page

Finish the Widget

Now that you have the code for the demo widget, paste it into your widget page.

  • Click on edit
  • Replace all of the titles and fields that don't pertain to your widget with the description and fields of your widget
  • Delete everything after
  • Paste in your code
  • Click save

Finished Product

Now you have created your widget. It may not appear at first, so refresh the page several times. You've now created a google motion chart, or gapminder-like visualization!

You should have a page that looks like this: Widget:Motion Chart Visualization of OpenEI Traffic Statistics