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About Dataset Patterns

The Dataset Patterns project page will be used for tracking new use cases related to dataset submissions that help identify key patters for improving future dataset submissions. These patterns stem from the recent growth of dataset submissions, and relate to specific use cases where OpenEI member uploaded datasets in the datasets area of OpenEI. As this space continue to grow, this page will benefit new contributors by referencing past use cases in a concise manner to improve the ease with which new datasets are contributed. Dataset patterns from weekly meetings will also be tracked on this page

Datasets Review: 1/21/11

Source example Dataset Topic Source/Issue Lessons Learned from this dataset User
UN Data Alcohol Energy Data related to numerous Alcohol topics The dataset contains a lot of granular data. This example is important in showcasing 1. The need for BOTH .xml and .xls 2. The need for, in years to come, a replacement of the dataset with the most current dataset, and an update of the metadata related to 'date' Graham/KC
BLM National Forest and public land GIS layers Grouping and relationship with renewable energy topics 1. Datasets are relevant to Renewable Energy topics, even if the dataset itself is not directly related to renewable energy 2. In some cases like this, GIS layers can be zipped together to better organize the dataset Graham/KC
DOE Financial Activity Report and Recovery Act Awardees Weekly reports that were originally put in as individual dataset entries 1. Reports of this nature should be turned into one original dataset, and the new weekly reports should be added to that dataset 2. Files should NOT be zipped unless they are GIS files. These files, if in several different formats, should be individually uploaded Graham